What exactly is alternative therapy and how does it boost your health and well-being?

Written by Terry Dunn

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Shiatsu is a system of full body massage taken lying down on a futon. But it's more than just massage. Many part of your body are pressed and massaged whererepparttar subtle energy lines meet. The effect is both invigorating and relaxing atrepparttar 150598 same time. My first massage was so good I fell asleep.

Acupuncture is a curative system that is accepted byrepparttar 150599 western medical establishment because it works. Needles are inserted so they connect withrepparttar 150600 energy channels in your body. By placing these needles atrepparttar 150601 right points your energy and health is both rebalanced and restored.

The ancient art of yoga

Yoga, stretching and pilates is about exercising your muscles and ligaments, but it's more than this. The gentle stretching of muscles releases trapped energy and energisesrepparttar 150602 muscles and ligamentsrepparttar 150603 pose is working on.

Yoga involves stretching into a pose and holdingrepparttar 150604 position while breathing in or out deeply and completely. There is a dynamic to this apparent stillness. You may be holdingrepparttar 150605 position, but your deep breathing is moving energy and refreshesrepparttar 150606 parts of your body other exercise cannot reach.

So,repparttar 150607 slow and steady movements free trapped energy, energise muscles and ligaments and refresh your whole body. Atrepparttar 150608 same time you are developing strength and stamina while holding these poses.

Mind and body health

Traditional medicine and therapies work with symptoms, known illnesses and diseases. Holistic and alternative practices and therapies view illness as a warning that your system is out of balance. Many of these practices work on you at different levels, especially your subtle energy body.

It's all about re-balancing your mind and body so that it works properly once again. It's a 'whole'-istic view rather than a piecemeal view.

Maybe that's why modern medicine seems unable to cure some illnesses and health problems.

We have so much to learn.

Terry Dunn writes regular articles on how to use alternative therapies to improve your health. To read more articles visit his website, http://www.holistichealthtalk.com

Controlling Mold Without Toxic Chemicals

Written by Debra Lynn Dadd

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If you have just a small area of mold, use a hand-held dryer to dry it up in just a few minutes.

You can prevent mold from growing by keeping areas dry. Findrepparttar source of moisture and control it. Mold in an undersink cabinet, for example, may require fixing leaky pipes. Controlling mold in a bathroom may involve installing a small space heater to run after a shower to dry outrepparttar 150565 room, or using a fan forrepparttar 150566 same purpose. No moisture--no mold.

In a closet, hang garments with space between them to allow for air-flow and install a small light, both to dispel darkness and provide a little heat. If you live in a very humid area, a dehumidifier may be necessary.

To remove mold from shower tile or other hard surface, mix borax and water, or vinegar and water, in a spray bottle. Spray it on andrepparttar 150567 mold wipes right off. Borax inhibits mold growth, so wash downrepparttar 150568 walls in your bathroom with a borax solution and just leave it on, or sprinkle borax in damp cabinets underrepparttar 150569 sink. If you need something stronger to remove stubborn mold, use hydrogen peroxide.

Steam cleaners--which clean, sanitize, and deodorize using only hot water--also work great on mold. You can purchase small hand-held steam cleaners inrepparttar 150570 housewares department of discount stores for about $50 or larger units onrepparttar 150571 Internet.

Read more about controlling mold without toxic chemicals in my new book Home Safe Home, at http://www.dld123.com/homesafehome.html.

Hailed as "The Queen of Green" by the New York Times, Debra Lynn Dadd has been a leading consumer advocate for products and lifestyle choices that are better for health and the environment since 1982. Visit her website to learn more about her new book Home Safe Home, to sign up for her free email newsletters, and to browse 100s of links to 1000s of nontoxic, natural and earthwise products. http://www.dld123.com

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