What exactly are screensavers? - part I

Written by David Schomberg

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2. A screensaver is a program that activates after a certain amount of time has passed with no keyboard or mouse activity and blanksrepparttar screen or display moving various objects acrossrepparttar 149093 screen; these are used to prevent your screen from getting "burn in". So i think that you are begriming to understand.

3. You can also call it an animated picture that you can program troughrepparttar 149094 display control panel. It will appear onrepparttar 149095 screen of your computer after a time that you can program has elapsed. The most important task ofrepparttar 149096 screen saver is to reduce wear andrepparttar 149097 CRT(Cathode Ray Tube) that can receive damage ifrepparttar 149098 same window is left for a long period of time.

So in conclusion after understandingrepparttar 149099 definitions ofrepparttar 149100 screensavers you should understandrepparttar 149101 benefits and try to use one on your computer. You can find some tips about using screensavers inrepparttar 149102 second part of this article.

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Data Backup Solution: Why you need a backup plan in place Part 2

Written by Joe Duchesne

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The limitation to this data backup solution usually revolves aroundrepparttar cost forrepparttar 149092 web server storage. While it is usually cost effective for up to 2 GB of data, it isn't appropriate for backing up an entire hard drive worth of data.

In House Hardware Data Backup Solutions

Another data backup solution is to equip your computers with RAID compatible motherboards and install multiple hard drives in each computer. This option protects your computers from hard drive crashes. It will usually requirerepparttar 149093 services of a computer hardware technician to setup. Done properly, it can pretty much protect you from all hardware failure type data loss.

This solution doesn't usually protect you from theft asrepparttar 149094 extra hard drives for RAID storage are usually installed in your computer or in other equipment on site. It usually won't protect you from fire either so this method does have its limitations.

Use a combination of all three data backup solutions

For maximum protection, you should consider using a combination of all three data backup solutions for maximum protection. Burn critical documents to CD on a regular basis. Get a web hosting account with lots of storage and upload critical files torepparttar 149095 web server. With this option however, keep in mind that unlessrepparttar 149096 data is encrypted on your end, an administrator ofrepparttar 149097 web server could potentially access all your data.

Finally, along with burning a CD and using an off site web server, get a qualified computer technician to install a RAID system in your computer systems. If cost is an issue, get at least one of your computers installed with a RAID capable hard drive and at least one other hard drive.

Using these three data backup solutions, you will minimizerepparttar 149098 risk to your data and to your livelihood.

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