What do Your Clients Need?

Written by C.J. Hayden

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Seasoned corporate consultants know that you always get inrepparttar door at a company to solve its "presenting problem." Ifrepparttar 143633 company has already identified that they have a need it turns out you can fill, you stand a much better chance of being hired inrepparttar 143634 first place. Once you are in and working for them, you will no doubt uncover all sorts of other issues that need to be addressed. And since you are already onrepparttar 143635 scene, building rapport and trust, of course they will retain you to help resolve those problems. This is just as true for any service business professional, from psychotherapists to graphic designers. The client hiresrepparttar 143636 designer to create business cards; thenrepparttar 143637 designer discoversrepparttar 143638 client doesn't have a logo. Whenrepparttar 143639 designer showsrepparttar 143640 client how much more impressiverepparttar 143641 business cards would be with a custom logo on them,repparttar 143642 client agrees to pay for one. But ifrepparttar 143643 designer had approached that person about creating a logo,repparttar 143644 client would likely have refused. Inrepparttar 143645 client's mind, it was business cards that were needed. Don't worry ifrepparttar 143646 most popular issues aren'trepparttar 143647 ones you most want to work on with your clients. Chances are that if you attract prospects by marketing to their perceived needs, you'll create opportunities to explore other options with them. But if you market something they don't yet know they want, you may never get to have that conversation.

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Spend time to establish your presence on the web.

Written by James Winston

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Answer all queries about your business as thoroughly and as politely as you can.

Be prompt in your response and in all of your business dealings.

Keep your website "Live" as much as you can.

Switch server if necessary.

Join forums and answer questions relating to your business.

Leave your business info in your signature.

Write articles and reviews about your business.

Post them on your site and submit them to directories, ezines, classifieds and such.

This is justrepparttar tip ofrepparttar 143602 iceberg, but it's a start.

Spend time to establish your presence onrepparttar 143603 web. It'srepparttar 143604 same for an offline business as well. Eventually you will establish your business as legitimate and reliable. As you can see all of this takes more than a few days. Have patience. Eventually it will pay off.

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