What are your views within the Criminal System?

Written by Dymnpece

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UNDER THE LAW............ Do you think minors haverepparttar same degree of empathetic capacity and impulse control as does a mature adult and do you think they formulaterepparttar 119329 same intent as adults inrepparttar 119330 Criminal System?

CRIMINAL SYSTEM............ What are your views onrepparttar 119331 Criminal System do you think American Justice punishes according torepparttar 119332 intent and not simplyrepparttar 119333 act?

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The best Wat To Drive Targetted Traffic To Your Site For Free

Written by Mark Flavin

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Is there a better way?

Yes, there are a lot of better ways. Some are f'ree and some are not. The basic idea behindrepparttar better ways is to findrepparttar 119328 people who are already linking to your competition, then encourage them to link to you.

To findrepparttar 119329 people who are linking to your competition 1) Go to www.alexa.com and type in their URL. 2) C'lick onrepparttar 119330 link onrepparttar 119331 right hand side titled "Sites Linking In"

This will provide a list ofrepparttar 119332 sites who link to your competition. (You could also use Google - but I find they are missing a lot of links.)

Now to getrepparttar 119333 contact info for each site linking to your competition: 1) C'lickrepparttar 119334 "site info" link for each 2) Scroll down to where alexa.com tells yourepparttar 119335 phone number & email address for each site

Lastly, visitrepparttar 119336 site and see whatrepparttar 119337 site is about. If you sell Gerber Daisies and they are talking about how great Gerber Daisies are - then contact them and ask for a link exchange. Since they are already linking to your competition - then they are more likely to want to link to you also.

Now I know how to findrepparttar 119338 best sites…But, how do I get them to link to me?

As I said before -repparttar 119339 first option is to just ask. I know…this is just like cold calling and every'one hates cold calling. But if you do it with email or you already know whatrepparttar 119340 site is about, then it is much easier.

One thing you can do is have a reason for calling other than asking for a link.

One ofrepparttar 119341 things that I am good at is finding problems with other websites. I don’t really do this on purpose - but as a web developer, these things just seem to jump out at me. When I am visiting a site and I find a link that does not work - I shoot a quick email off torepparttar 119342 webmaster and tell them. Normally they appreciaterepparttar 119343 fact that you are helping them - they want their site to work and are usually losing money if it does not.

Sometimes when doing this I also ask a question. For example I may ask how they did some effect on their site or what things they are doing to improve conversion. You can use this same technique to ask for a link exchange.

The point is not to complain or find a problem -repparttar 119344 point is to providerepparttar 119345 person some information that is valuable to them. For webmasters - they want their site to work. If I see something that does not work, they are usually happy to know about it. As for Gerber Daisy fanatics, they may be interested in some other good sites - or some nice pictures or some interesting information that you know about Gerber Daisies.

You will know a lot of good information about your product, so I am sure you can find something to start a conversation - even if it is nothing more than how much you like their site.

What else can I do to get people to link to me?

Well, there is a whole list of techniques - but they all are based onrepparttar 119346 same thing. Providingrepparttar 119347 other person a benefit for linking.

For example: • You could set up an affiliate program and give them a commission on every sale they referred to you. • You can share with them what you learned in Trafficology and help them get more visitors. • You can write an article onrepparttar 119348 topic ofrepparttar 119349 site and give it to them in exchange for a link. • You can create an eBook or something else that they can give away to their visitors • You can of'fer them a special discount on all purchases • You can send them some samples of your product to try for themselves

This is only limited by your-own imagination. Thats It For Now, inrepparttar 119350 next issue we will look at adcopy/sales copy so keep a close eye on your mailbox!

Remember you can get all this information plus thousands of dollars worth of resources and products you can sell online and keep every penny ofrepparttar 119351 profit from http://www.nicetodobusiness.com

Till Next Time, Mark Flavin www.nicetodobusiness.com

Mark Flavin Creator of http://nicetodobusiness.com & http://nicetodobusiness.com/freetraffictips2.htm

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