What are you worth? A practical insight into covering up

Written by Rachel Lane

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Health / medical insurance typically covers private treatment for an operation or illness and may be extended to include specific circumstances or events such as specialist consultations and out-patient treatment like physiotherapy. Family legal protection may provide some financial assistance inrepparttar event of involvement in a court case. Such insurance normally covers contract disputes, personal injury claims, employment disputes and jury service. Pet insurance is often widely available for cats and dogs, though sometimes is less common for other animals,repparttar 148170 cost of kennel and cattery fees are normally covered in pet insurance policies.

Travel insurance andrepparttar 148171 importance of shopping around forrepparttar 148172 best policy, has been widely publicised recently, with consumer website moneynet ( http://www.moneynet.co.uk/ ), in particular, urging consumers to shop around forrepparttar 148173 best deal, including undertaking some research online. Some ofrepparttar 148174 high street players who offer travel insurance, such as Thomas Cook and Travelcare, levy premiums that are typically twice as expensive as purchasing cover online.

With regard to car insurance, there are three types of policy available: 3rd party, 3rd party (fire and theft) and comprehensive. Third Party isrepparttar 148175 most basic and will cover damage to third party property, usually with some protection for legal expenses. This compares to comprehensive, where additional protection is available for both parties.


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http://www.moneynet.co.uk/insurance/index.shtml (Consumer information on life insurance, motor insurance, travel insurance, household insurance, student insurance and mortgage life insurance) http://www.lochnesstooth.com/ (Some lighter reading post insurance homework) http://www.cashzilla.co.uk/ (Some light hearted banter on personal finance issues) http://www.youreable.com/TwoShare/getPage/09Money/Site/Introduction (Finance information for disabled people)

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Industrial Income Property Financing: Part 3 of 3

Written by Cameron Brown

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While industrial income property comes with certain risks and challenges, it lacks to a large extent,repparttar oft-times inconvenient nature of residential income property management. Don't expect any late night calls concerning overflowing toilets or broken stoves. Much ofrepparttar 148164 time,repparttar 148165 company leasing your property is obligated under contract to handle typical repairs and maintenance torepparttar 148166 facility or equipment.

Unlike commercial and (especially) residential tenants, industrial tenants usually intend to lease your facility indefinitely, or until they either liquidate or their operations outgrow your building. This is good news because you are virtually guaranteed cash inflow forrepparttar 148167 duration of your income property investment.


Inrepparttar 148168 final analysis, investing in industrial income property requires a lot more time, money, and prior experience than it's commercial or residential counterparts. For investors withrepparttar 148169 right skills and financial backing, however,repparttar 148170 payout can be much more rewarding than any other income property investment.

Cameron Brown is an internet marketer specializing in investment property. For more information about residential income property, please visit Security National Capital.

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