What are they saying now?

Written by Terry Dashner

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Did any ofrepparttar important people listed above recant their stand against reform once they determinedrepparttar 105441 facts? Again Charen writes, “Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton grudgingly acknowledged that ‘we have a lot to celebrate,’ but added, ‘I don’t think that’srepparttar 105442 end ofrepparttar 105443 discussion.’ Even as late as 2001, whenrepparttar 105444 dramatic effects of welfare reform were quite undeniable, Barbara Ehrenreich would say only that there ‘were some success stories…But overall, it’s a sad story.’ Jason de Parle,repparttar 105445 New York Times reporter who had coveredrepparttar 105446 welfare debate for five years, admits that he was surprised byrepparttar 105447 outcome, though, unlike most liberals who averted their eyes fromrepparttar 105448 good news, he did not…” You can readrepparttar 105449 book.

Now why would I write a paper like this? Why would I, a minister ofrepparttar 105450 Gospel of Jesus Christ, write (with an obvious bias) against a government entitlement program—welfare—when it provides money torepparttar 105451 poor? May I go on record? I denounce any government program that enslaves people. Many disabled and impoverished people need help. Welfare was designed to help them. It does; however, welfare has been abused to perpetuate dependency, break uprepparttar 105452 family unit it was suppose to preserve, and has taxed heavilyrepparttar 105453 working poor. This, to me, is criminal. Why? Becauserepparttar 105454 Bible clearly states that people who are capable of working, should work to support their own.

I’ll leave you with a few scriptures to look over: I Timothy 5: 8 “But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has deniedrepparttar 105455 faith and is worse than an unbeliever” (NASB).

I Thessalonians 4: 11-12 , “and to make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands, just as we commanded you, (12) so that you will behave properly toward outsiders and not be in any need” (NASB).

Keeprepparttar 105456 faith. Stayrepparttar 105457 course. And until Jesus comes for us, keep your day job and support your own. This is honorable, and God wills it so.


Pastor T. dash.

Pastors a church in Oklahoma.

America We have a Problem

Written by Shirley deLong

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think “THEIR WAY” isrepparttar only way our children learn! Guess What, Folks, it’s not working and never will! This is definitely notrepparttar 105438 answer. We are raising a society of children that cannot carry an intelligent conversation. Our children are going to be left with a debt that can never be repaid because they lack a common sense education; therefore, all property taxes must be eliminated. We can put our children in Private or Home Schools. This isrepparttar 105439 only way to raise future Americans. They’ll learnrepparttar 105440 basic skills, morals, values, and principles, that will get them through life. Our Children and Grandchildren need role models not “idols”, “cell” phones, “internet and computers”, “tv’s, dvd’s, etc”. Could this be why drugs and suicide are onrepparttar 105441 rise?

Shirley deLong Jamestown, NC 336-454-5040

Artist,Activist,Environmentalist. Author of several published articles. http://shirleydelongartist.com

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