What are the Odds?

Written by Terry Dashner

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You may playrepparttar odds if you desire, but I think Iíll just thank God. I think Iíll thank Him for His beautiful and purposeful creation. I think Iíll just praise Him that He gave me life and purpose for living. What purpose is that you ask? It is this: I am created for His glory. He is expending His magnificent glory throughoutrepparttar 105806 universe, and He allows you and me to be one of His many vessels, chosen to complete His purpose on Earth.

The Bible says that we are gloriously and wonderfully made. Since God is a rational Creator and allows Himself to be comprehended (somewhat) by His creation, He has given us a written record of His plan. The written record is His Word,repparttar 105807 Holy Bible. The plan is a redemptive plan. He sent His only begotten Son to this world (not Mars, notrepparttar 105808 moon, notÖ) to free us from our depraved nature, subject to sin. In Christ His people are given higher life, eternal life. With eternal life, we are to reflect His life to others. How do we reflect His life? We live inrepparttar 105809 power ofrepparttar 105810 Holy Spirit everyday. We surrender torepparttar 105811 Spiritís leadership and direction, and walk like Jesus walked.

How did Jesus walk? Slowly, deliberately, and genuinely, stopping at times to touchrepparttar 105812 sick,repparttar 105813 outcast,repparttar 105814 wounded, andrepparttar 105815 lowly who were unable to help themselves. He spoke only whatrepparttar 105816 Father in Heaven spoke. He conducted His activities underrepparttar 105817 watchful eye ofrepparttar 105818 Father. He loved. He came. He suffered and died. He was buried and arose fromrepparttar 105819 dead onrepparttar 105820 third day, according torepparttar 105821 written record. You keeprepparttar 105822 odds. Iím basking in Godís goodness. Keeprepparttar 105823 faith. Stayrepparttar 105824 course. Jesus is coming again. Pastor T.dashÖBlessed!

Pastors a small church in Oklahoma. US Navy veteran. Retired police officer. Votes.


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