What are dollar rent a car coupons?

Written by Mike Simms

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The most common problem with dollar rent a car coupons is that they aren't deleted fromrepparttar Web when they expire. Asrepparttar 150395 results we get hundreds of discount coupons that are too old to be of any use. Spending an hour onrepparttar 150396 Net in order to find some dollar rent a car coupon and finding that it has already expired is a common situation. In such moment you may feel tempted to resign from discount coupons, but all you have to do is to use some big dollar rent a car coupons' portal. Is such place system administrators frequently checkrepparttar 150397 coupons they have and removerepparttar 150398 links which are not valid anymore.

Mike Simms is the founder of Coupons for rental cars a website providing information on Renting a car.

Traveling By Motorcycle

Written by Fred Ost

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This may seem like roughing it to some people but it's luxury travel for others. Starting out with a light breakfast like an energy bar with some coffee or tea gives you a quick start onrepparttar day and speaking for myself I generally don't like to have a big breakfast before heading out for a days worth of riding, I'd rather be looking for fun side destinations than a bathroom. Stopping for lunch onrepparttar 150389 road allows yourepparttar 150390 luxury of not having to unpack your stove, food etc. just to make one meal (trust me if you do it, you'll only do it once) it's worth parting with a few bucks just to not have to repack your bike.

Sleeping underrepparttar 150391 stars is not only relaxing but it can save you a bunch of cash as well. The average motel or hotel near an interstate, at least inrepparttar 150392 middle ofrepparttar 150393 US averages about sixty-five dollars a night whereasrepparttar 150394 average campground is about ten dollars a night, on a week long trip that adds up to quite a bit of souvenir money. If you are traveling inrepparttar 150395 northeast US those same rooms can run your a hundred plus per nightrepparttar 150396 closer you get to New York City. Since I mentioned it, in case you are wondering how to deal with souvenirs onrepparttar 150397 road, just stop by your local post office or UPS store and ship them to your home or to a friends house, so they can hold them for you till you return. This is also a good way to deal with exposed film from your camera andrepparttar 150398 not so rare event when you find out you over packed again. The post office or other shippers usually have everything you need to package your stuff boxes, padding, tape etc. keeping those saddle bags light make for a happy rider and better gas mileage too.

It does not matter what style or make of bike you ride as long as you watch your weight distribution,repparttar 150399 only major difference you will experience between bikes will be inrepparttar 150400 way that you pack forrepparttar 150401 trip. I have gone on trips on dual sport (on and off road bikes) which arerepparttar 150402 equivalent of a giant dirt bike, sport bikes, and full dress touring bikes. I have no trouble packing all that gear into my Harley Electra Glide Classic these days, but I also have some great memories of strapping firewood to my Kawasaki KLR 650 and having kids and their parents chuckling watching me try to get back onrepparttar 150403 bike with my backpack on, so never letrepparttar 150404 style of bike you enjoy mess up your travel plans. Planningrepparttar 150405 trip is sometimes just as much fun asrepparttar 150406 trip itself, and it always make your travels go smoother.

Fred Ost is a writer, web designer and aspiring indie movie maker. He is a founder of, and staff writer at the free independent artits community at http://www.scptv.net

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