What about the other 48% people?

Written by Anand Sharma

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Our concerned health minister has taken to banningrepparttar portrayal of smoking in films, by reading a study inrepparttar 145100 popular medical journal, Lancet, which says 52% children take to smoking after being influenced by movie stars. Mr. Ramdoss, don’t you care aboutrepparttar 145101 other 48% of people. I hope you do. And if you don’t want my hope to die, banrepparttar 145102 whole tobacco industry and show that our ministers can be very mature.

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Caribbean Single Market and Economy - Who says UWI isn’t doing enough?

Written by Eldonna Lendor

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But is UWI doing enough to assist graduates to confrontrepparttar changes inrepparttar 144967 international trading environment andrepparttar 144968 implications for small, open economies like ours? There is only so much that institutions ofrepparttar 144969 region, such as UWI can do. The business sector armed with a more educated workforce must now dorepparttar 144970 rest.

One thing is certain. UWI has overrepparttar 144971 years engendered a spirit of regional cooperation and Caribbean identity. Without a doubt,repparttar 144972 University, as a regional institution, has served as a beacon in bringingrepparttar 144973 people and countries ofrepparttar 144974 region together. To suggest otherwise is to be overly critical and to underscorerepparttar 144975 efforts ofrepparttar 144976 Governments, University Officials and Graduates who have contributed to this process. But amidst these efforts, University Officials admit thatrepparttar 144977 numbers of OECS (Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States) registrants continue to decline. More and more students ofrepparttar 144978 region are looking towards programmes at foreign universities, albeit self funded and more expensive. Why is that? The answer may lie inrepparttar 144979 fact thatrepparttar 144980 university has itself failed to adapt torepparttar 144981 changing climate.

The present economic climate requiresrepparttar 144982 region’s tertiary learning institutions to swiftly provide a broad base of skilled professionals. This, it is believed, will set in motionrepparttar 144983 potential forrepparttar 144984 region to compete withrepparttar 144985 mega trade blocs that have emerged, in recent time. This requires that our learning institutions facilitate more wide spread and affordable access to education forrepparttar 144986 people ofrepparttar 144987 region. The Developed Countries have resorted to online distant learning programmes to achieve this objective. Admittedly, one ofrepparttar 144988 compelling shortcomings of UWI is that while major universities aroundrepparttar 144989 world have successfully established reputable online learning programmes, “UWI is still trying to play catch up.” The absence of an effective online learning programme that facilitates widespread and cost effective access to tertiary education, says it all. Inrepparttar 144990 context of our geography, it is indicative ofrepparttar 144991 University’s inability to adequately position itself to meetrepparttar 144992 needs ofrepparttar 144993 people and countries ofrepparttar 144994 region.

Who is to say that UWI’s strategies and timing are not in keeping withrepparttar 144995 demonstrated needs of its people? The real question is what role should UWI play in preparingrepparttar 144996 region for CSME. Is there a defined role or a specific aspect for which it should assume responsibility? The issue of whether UWI is doing enough or what it should be doing will remain a topic for debate. What is beyond dispute is that UWI can and should be doing more to preparerepparttar 144997 region forrepparttar 144998 challenges ofrepparttar 144999 CSME.

Eldonna Lendor is a Corporate Attorney and Small Business Strategist. She is the CEO of http://www.patantconsult.com and publisher of eXplosion!, an ezine which provides advice to small business entrepreneurs. She is the co-founder of http://www.talkcsme.blogspot.com, a blog, which discusses issues affecting persons and businesses in the Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME).

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