What You Should Know Before You Hire an Outside Business Development Partner

Written by Justin Hitt, Strategic Relations Consultant, http://www.justinhitt.com/

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Mutually define channels of communications to convey leads, register opportunities, qualifying prospects, and managerepparttar sales pipeline – before you signrepparttar 127243 contract.

Focus them on a single lead product with a separate marketing plan you create together; this gives you a greater return when you sellrepparttar 127244 new existing customer your backend products.

Their commissions pay their way, do not expect extra consulting services, and take their retainer seriously because they do. With solid and accurate expectations, you will be greatly satisfied with what outside business development people can do for your company. It is a “pay for performance” for your sales force and can reduce your overhead because you earn sales before you pay out commissions. Think of these people as partners and your products will reach qualified prospects you can keep selling to forever.

This is your first step to successful business development.

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When it Comes to Business Cards, Vive la France!

Written by Shannon Cherry, APR

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Keep business cards within hands reach. You should place some in your briefcase, purse, pocket, and onrepparttar front desk or reception area of your business. With cards readily available, you’ll always be able to introduce yourself with them.

Hand your card torepparttar 127242 receptionist atrepparttar 127243 doctor’s office,repparttar 127244 hostess atrepparttar 127245 restaurant, orrepparttar 127246 technician atrepparttar 127247 auto repair shop. Include your card with all correspondence, including letters and thank you notes to customers, potential customers and business associates. And don’t forget including one in all your bills. Someone is opening your bills, and you never know who that someone may be.

When you hand out your card, it’s important that you make it memorable. Write a brief message on it before handing it to someone: your extension number or direct phone line, “Ask for me personally,” “Best wishes!” or “Thanks!” all work well.

Make your business card do double duty – and point it out torepparttar 127248 person you’re giving it to. Print a coupon or special offer onrepparttar 127249 backs of your cards. Also include these special cards with invoices to current customers. If you offer a referral incentive, print it onrepparttar 127250 card.

It’s all in thinking outsiderepparttar 127251 box when it comes torepparttar 127252 box of cards sitting in a desk drawer. The French don’t userepparttar 127253 hard-sell like Americans do, but they realize ‘Le Card’ isrepparttar 127254 quickest way to turn a brief encounter into a long-term customer.

Shannon Cherry, APR helps businesses and nonprofit organizations to be heard. She’s a marketing communications and public relations expert with more than 15 years experience and the owner of Cherry Communications. For more tips and tricks – or information about her services, visit www.cherrycommunications.com. Contact her at shannon@cherrycommunications.com.

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