"What You Did Wrong With Your Domain Names!"

Written by Mark Kessler

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I live about a five iron outside of DC and made my living onrepparttar radio. Helen Thomas, one ofrepparttar 143521 all-time great White House correspondents, would always be chosen by President Reagan to ask questions at press conferences. Here's why:..She found out thatrepparttar 143522 President had a fondness forrepparttar 143523 color red. So, Helen started wearing a red blazer to press conferences and he would always pick her out of a press room packed with other reporters.

So, in other words... put a red blazer on your web site, drop 50 bucks registering your domain name for several years and show Google, along with other search engines, you are serious about sticking around and wanting to improve search engine rankings.

Mark Kessler is the author of “Search Engine Tantra - The Path To Heightened Rankings!” A 7 part FREE mini-course. His web site, http://www.toptenoptimizer.com provides a wealth of information and resources to increase link popularity and improve search engine rankings.

How to improve your websites search engine rankings

Written by Jonathan White

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2. Writing reprint articles and submitting them to article directories Writing reprint articles that is onrepparttar same topic as your site and then submitting them to free reprint article submission sites is one ofrepparttar 143441 best ways for you to increase your link popularity plus visitors. This is because you are writing an article about your sites topic and then you are placing your sites link inrepparttar 143442 authors’ resource box, which then means that your link will be onrepparttar 143443 same page as information aboutrepparttar 143444 same topic as your site. Placing your sites link in your articles also means that it is a one-way link, which is an advantage to link exchanges.

Some article directories have so many articles that they also include an article achieve so that your article can stay in view ofrepparttar 143445 major search engines for some time and also so that you can easily navigaterepparttar 143446 articles more quickly by usingrepparttar 143447 achieve. For example,repparttar 143448 articles directory at: http://www.simplysearch4it.com/article/articledir.php has an article achieve at: http://articles.simplysearch4it.com , which lists all ofrepparttar 143449 articles listed withinrepparttar 143450 SimplySearch4it! database in an easy to navigate and read format.

3. Using forums and including your sites link in your signature Using some forums will increase your sites link popularity, but using these is not as good as using some other forms of getting links to your site. This is because some forums use some sort of redirect so thatrepparttar 143451 search engines can’t see your link inrepparttar 143452 forum.

4. Adding your sites link to free to submit general and specialty web directories This is a slow, but good way of increasing your sites link popularity and also increasing your sites visitors. This is because many web directories have good rankings withinrepparttar 143453 major search engines, which means that your site will also benefit from it.

5. Writing press releases This is a very good way to increase your sites traffic and link popularity. As longs as you can write a good press release you should see a good increase in your websites traffic and link popularity.

Jonathan White has been involved in online marketing for over three years now and is the Webmaster of http://www.simplysearch4it.com where he also operates a large free to play online games directory at http://games.simplysearch4it.com

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