What Writers Can Learn From Internet Marketers

Written by Mary Anne Hahn

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4. They've masteredrepparttar art of self-promotion. Moreover, they enjoy it. Internet marketers happily write articles and freely give them away for publication in ezines and on Web sites, knowing thatrepparttar 129375 exposure to their own newsletters, sites and products is worth its weight in gold. They find ways to get interviewed, both online and in print. They collaborate on joint ventures (known inrepparttar 129376 biz as JVs), pooling their talents and strengths on projects for their mutual benefit. These people not only "think outsiderepparttar 129377 box" when it comes to promoting their wares--they never believed there was a box to begin with.

5. They are Web-savvy, and more than willing to share their knowledge. They'll lead you to allrepparttar 129378 free tools and resources online, show you how to attract more visitors to your Web site, divulge their own publicity tactics and respond to both technical and nontechnical questions if they can. Although I have uncovered a number of useful resources online through my own research or in other writers' ezines, many more have come from articles written byrepparttar 129379 top marketing people. They know their way aroundrepparttar 129380 Web, and pass many ofrepparttar 129381 nuggets they find along to their readers.

Certainly I am not saying we should all become e-persuaders; readers also want poetry, mystery, romance, information, news, inspiration and allrepparttar 129382 other types of things we writers produce. They want writers to entertain and/or inform them, help them with their resumes, create stories for their children or document historical events.

But can we all learn fromrepparttar 129383 enthusiasm, expertise and resourcefulness ofrepparttar 129384 top Internet marketers. From them, we can discover how to find our own markets, how to get our work noticed, how to promote our services--and have fun doing so. We might also pick up an idea or two we can apply to our own writing efforts.

And hey, if we happen to whip out a credit card and purchase one of their products after reading one of their articles, then that proves how well they really write, doesn't it?

Mary Anne Hahn edits and publishes WriteSuccess, the free ezine dedicated to the success of writers everywhere. To subscribe, mailto:writesuccess-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

5 Ways a Book Review can Increase Your Sales

Written by Kathy Burns

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4. Impulse Buyers -- Reviews that are found through simple browsing, reading and word of mouth can generate instant impulse purchases. If repparttar reader likes what they've read inrepparttar 129372 review, they are more likely to click through torepparttar 129373 purchase site and buy it immediately.

5. Greater Credibility -- Testimonials from satisfied customers help to increase sales, and objective reviews workrepparttar 129374 exact same way. A well-written review however, will explain bothrepparttar 129375 strengths and weaknesses of your book -- this makesrepparttar 129376 readers trustrepparttar 129377 review more!

Testimonials *always* say great things. You've heardrepparttar 129378 saying "if it sounds too good to be true it probably is"? This can berepparttar 129379 case with testimonials... they risk makingrepparttar 129380 book sound *too* good. And how is a reader to know whether those testimonials didn't actually come from a friend? A review is more objective and thusrepparttar 129381 readers are likely to feel more informed. This makes them more comfortable with purchasingrepparttar 129382 book.

So, no matter what kind of book you have: Print on Demand, Electronic, Self-Published; Get it reviewed and use that review to start increasing your book sales.

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