What Would You DO for a Klondike Bar - OR "National Security?"

Written by LadyCamelot

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Government and Military Databases: Imagine having your personal information fostered in a national database, alongside common criminals and terrorists -- this isrepparttar future of Verichip. In addition, "Lifelog," developed by DARPA, is an audiovisual surveillance mini-PC that could be added torepparttar 132532 Verichip. As a matter of fact, research is currently underway to further develop and converge this technology. But what does all of this mean? With technology moving atrepparttar 132533 speed of light, we are onrepparttar 132534 brink of total, and now withrepparttar 132535 Patriot Act, legal scrutiny. Perhaps our daily routines are similar to that of Al Queda members living inrepparttar 132536 US and abroad ... thank God forrepparttar 132537 Verichip -- now we can be tracked likerepparttar 132538 animals we are and be brought in for swift justice. Yes, we attendrepparttar 132539 PTA, watch news and science programs on television, and perhaps we patronrepparttar 132540 local coffee shop that Al Queda members visit -- we must be "sleeper cells" too. The saddest part about Verichip and its hyped claims is that people, in general, are not truly reacting torepparttar 132541 serious and phenomenal repercussions something this minuscule could have on civilization as a whole. One's every intimate detail of his or her life could be inexplicably recorded and documented. From driving to your child's sporting event, to sending a personal email, to buying a best-selling novel at your local bookstore -- all of this and more can and will eventually be radiosignaled via audiovisual techniques to global, information databases. So what would you do for a Klondike bar -- or National Security?

*For more information onrepparttar 132542 Verichip, go to http://www.4verichip.com and for DNA child test kits: http://codeamber.org/dnakits.html In addition, there are several news reports regarding Verichip technologies.

©LadyCamelot 09/2003 LadyCamelot currently serves as the PR Dir. for HolisticJunction.com,published author of "Windows to the Soul," has several poems published in esteemed anthologies, a free-lance writer, State IDC Representative, animal rights activist, artist and more recently has had her literature inducted into the Ellis Island library in tributary to the events of 911. To contact LadyCamelot, you may reach her via email at LadyCamelot@aol.com .

The Evolution Of Hate

Written by TrysDan Roberts

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* We hate when we fearrepparttar unknown.

* We hate what we don't understand.

* We hate when we fear losing control.

* We hate when we fear change.

Hate can't stop evolution. Hate can't turn back time or halt it. Life is too short to hate.

For a more in depth look,check out: The Sinking Of Noah's Ark. ISBN: 1589392191(Amazon.com, bn.com.....)

Copyright 2002,2003 © TrysDan Roberts

TrysDan is a published author both articles/novel and is the owner and operator of Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. For more info about TrysDan go to : www.trysdansbooks.com Email TrysDan at: Trysdan@yahoo.com

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