What Were The Good Ole Days Good For?

Written by Sonny Julus

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* Divorce was not as widespread

The odds of staying married for a long time then were much greater than it is now. Couples seemed to work out their problems much better in those days. Today it is not as shameful to get a divorce. I do not remember hearingrepparttar phrase "single Mom" back then. If you did it was most likely becauserepparttar 141859 husband was deceased thenrepparttar 141860 mother being divorced.

* Most people seemed to be more polite and courteous

One thing that was drilled in my head back then was to say "thank you" whenever someone either gave you something or paid you a compliment. And I had better not forget to say it, either.Men were expected to open doors forrepparttar 141861 "opposite sex". Even to pull outrepparttar 141862 chair atrepparttar 141863 table and push it back after she was seated was alsorepparttar 141864 normal thing to do. I hate to say it but I do not see much of that practice happening as much today as back then, do you ladies? These are just a few things that I remember in those early years that maderepparttar 141865 "good ole days good"

Now I admit those times were tough, and we did not have allrepparttar 141866 modern conveniences that we have today. No TV in those early days, no computers, videos, cell phones, dial up phones (you calledrepparttar 141867 operator and she rang repparttar 141868 number for you) Andrepparttar 141869 phone number was usually a short one. The phone number at our florist shop is one that I will never forget as long as I live, it was "5" Yes, a simple number "5" Can you believe that?

My children today cannot believe thatrepparttar 141870 "big thing" for our family to do then was to sit inrepparttar 141871 living room at night and listen torepparttar 141872 radio. Yes,repparttar 141873 R-A-D-I-O. (you seniors remember that, don't you) And we listened to our favorite programs. "Fibber McGee & Mollie" "The Lone Ranger" "The Shadow Knows" "The Great Gildersleeve", "Amos & Andy", "Abbott & Costello", and many others. Those arerepparttar 141874 ones I remember most.

The radio we had then was a beautiful floor model. It stood about 31/2 feet tall and about 20 inches wide with large speakers in front. When we got our first TV it was mind-boggling. We could not believe it. There were pictures that talked, WOW!

Now listen! I am not sure I want to return to those days even though there were many pleasurable moments to remember. Life did seem to be simpler and I wish we could restore some of those same conditions and moments today that we experienced then. Don't you?

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5 master qualities of extraordinary achievers.

Written by Emmanuel Segui

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Top People are committed to contribute. Finally, they take action. High achievers are result and action-oriented. They are committed to action. As they make precise plan for what they really want, they go for it and are committed to reachrepparttar goal. An effective way for you to be committed to action is to set goals. Work every day on these plans and evaluate very week where you are.

Continuous Learning. High achievers are lifelong learners who subscribe torepparttar 141843 process of continuous improvement. They view mistakes as learning opportunities. "There is no failure, only feedback" is always their motto. They know they need to improve, take risks, make mistakes and view these mistakes as opportunities to bounce back.

An effective way for you to develop this habit is to first, read each day a book in your chosen field. Second, listen to educational audiotapes in your car and go to seminars given by experts in your field. By doing that, you will be ahead of your competitors and you will become more educated, therefore, you will earn more in your life.

They are Responsible. High achievers know that they are 100% responsible for what's happening to them. They don't blame anybody else. They look themselves inrepparttar 141844 mirror and say "You can do it, it's only up to you dude!" You haverepparttar 141845 ability to respond in every situation you find yourself. Your response is up to you.

Creativity, courage, commitment, learning and responsibility are atrepparttar 141846 heart of every great achievement. Success is not always easy. People may be in your way. You may face discouragement. Problems may appear. But by learning how to be responsible, you will find solutions that others won't think of. You will findrepparttar 141847 courage to change your life and commit to excellence.

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