What Turns Potential Employers ON; What Turns Them OFF?

Written by Bonnie Lowe

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That same survey discoveredrepparttar number-one thing that can turn potential employers off--a job candidate's appearance! Specifically, they cited unusual hair color or style, body piercings, tattoos, and unusual clothing as things that most often gave a bad first impression.

What you think is "cool" may berepparttar 125392 "hot" ticket torepparttar 125393 reject list! So keep your need to express yourself under wraps duringrepparttar 125394 interview, and you'll have a better shot at gettingrepparttar 125395 job.

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Tips For Choosing The Perfect Travel Mug

Written by Gary Gresham

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Also, consider howrepparttar beverage hole will be covered and uncovered when you want to drink. Do you like a flap overrepparttar 125391 drink hole that snaps shut or do you prefer a slide that stays open or closed? Then there isrepparttar 125392 Press'N'Sip lever design that opens when you push onrepparttar 125393 spring loaded lever and closes when you let go.

Travel mugs come in a variey of volume sizes too. If you only drink a small amount, consider a smaller 8 oz. travel mug. Onrepparttar 125394 other hand, if you want a large amount of coffee or tea to drink, consider a larger 16 or 20 oz. travel mug.

Once you getrepparttar 125395 travel mug that is just right for your tastes, hand wash it instead of putting it inrepparttar 125396 dishwasher. Sometimes soap residue gets left behind either inrepparttar 125397 lid or inrepparttar 125398 travel mug and no one likes that kind of surprise. So be sure to rinse it extra good so all that you taste isrepparttar 125399 rich flavor of your coffee or tea.

If you leave your travel mug inrepparttar 125400 car while at work, store it away from direct sunlight. That wayrepparttar 125401 hot sun magnified byrepparttar 125402 windows won't damagerepparttar 125403 rubber seals inrepparttar 125404 lid.

Keep these tips in mindrepparttar 125405 next time you shop for a travel mug so when you fly out ofrepparttar 125406 door with your favorite hot beverage, it will stay inrepparttar 125407 mug and remain hot untilrepparttar 125408 last drop.

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