What To Look For in an MLM Opportunity

Written by Joe Bingham

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Follow up is crucial to any Internet business, and that traditionally means auto responders. Follow up emails keeprepparttar opportunity or product fresh in interested parties' minds, continually offerrepparttar 122615 chance to go back to your sales site for another look, and allow you to provide additional information, and personal or downline testimonials.


Another, and again often overlooked aspect of a good MLM opportunity is YOU. No system is so totally automated that it won't take your personal involvement, or at least cannot be improved by your personal involvement. Sales sites can be compelling. Auto responders keep contact for you automatically. Still, nothing beats a personal story and personal contact. Use your automated tools, but never be afraid of a personal email or phone call ifrepparttar 122616 slightest chance comes up.

MLM's are not all created equal. Don't fall forrepparttar 122617 traditional 'get rich' hype. Demand to know how a business will work for you, and how you can make it work for yourself. Consider allrepparttar 122618 aspects and look for those that will give yourepparttar 122619 best advantage.

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What Mailorder Publishing Can Teach You About Selling Online!

Written by Larry Stepanowicz

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But that doesn't mean that quality affiliate programs can't make money for you. They can, if they are used properly.

As in mailorder,repparttar best possible use you can make of online affiliate programs, not your own, is to tie them into whatever it is that you're doing, as ride-alongs, whether on your web site, in your eZine, or through an eBook you publish. By findingrepparttar 122614 programs that mesh with your own business, you set them up to generate added revenue for you, much like a bounceback in mailorder. These select programs can be things that tie into your product or service directly or indirectly.

What'srepparttar 122615 difference?

Let me give you an example.

I've recently completed an eBook called "Build It Online! - How to Find, Sponsor & Duplicate MLM Success Overrepparttar 122616 Internet." The book is a product, my product. But I've been able to use it to introduce some things that I can recommend to readers who may need them. These include a lead program that's directly tied to Multi-Level Marketing, and a very helpful piece of software that is indirectly related, since it can benefit anyone doing business online including those who are involved in MLM or Network Marketing. What's important is that both are products I can feel good about showing my readers. Takerepparttar 122617 lead program. When searching these out, I came across one that I wouldn't use myself. So why offer it to others? I believe in being able to stand behind my recommendations, so should you.

It's easy to find products that you can tie into your own online business. But take care that you only "affiliate" yourself with things of value. Just because you joined a program is no reason to promote it, especially if you're linking it to your products and your reputation.

In my "studies" in online marketing -- why not call them that! -- I've bought into far more things than I've ever promoted, but there are only two business angles I want to work online, anymore.

The first is to continue to develop and sell my own products. I'm working a couple of niche markets now, and know it's easier to sell what I produce than it is to market someone else's product.

The second is to continue to promoterepparttar 122618 select MLM companies I can believe in.

In fact, if you don't haverepparttar 122619 interest in creating your own products, to which affiliate programs can be tied, I'd urge you to get yourself into a good MLM company and work that instead of an affiliate program.


Because working an affiliate program is self-limiting. You make a sale, you get a cut. Butrepparttar 122620 program owner getsrepparttar 122621 customer!

With MLM it's a little different. When you make a sale, your customer, in a sense, becomes an affiliate or associate of yours! And you earn on his sales and onrepparttar 122622 sales of those to whom he sells. This can go "multi-levels" deep, so that eventually, you can be earning bonuses and commissions onrepparttar 122623 sales of 100's or 1000's of people, not just your own. It's called leveraging, and it's something else being an affiliate dealer won't give you. Why not check it out?

Much success!

Larry Stepanowicz is the originator of the Grand-Slam Gold(tm) MLM sponsoring system. http://panographics.com/grandslam/?01 His new book, "Build It Online!" can be found at: http://panographics.com/grandslam/builditpal.htm?01

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