What To Do After Your eBay Auction Closes

Written by Lewis Leake

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Sending Items

In your description, provide accurate details regarding shipment. Make surerepparttar item(s) are sent withinrepparttar 141290 time you stated. In many cases, people purchase something for a specific purpose and if you do not ship it when stated, not only do you mess up their schedule forrepparttar 141291 item but you have probably lost a customer and openedrepparttar 141292 door for a negative feedback.

Communication with Buyer

It is your responsibility to contactrepparttar 141293 buyer atrepparttar 141294 end ofrepparttar 141295 auction congratulating them on winningrepparttar 141296 item(s). Issue an e-mail requesting their shipping address. Once they provide that information to you, let them know whenrepparttar 141297 shipment will go out, which should coordinate withinrepparttar 141298 timeframe provided in your auction description. If you knowrepparttar 141299 shipping charges, advise them in this same e-mail. Once payment has been made, send another e-mail torepparttar 141300 buyer confirming that you received their payment and thatrepparttar 141301 item(s) will be shipped on X day via (US priority mail, UPS, Fed-Ex, etc.). Once you have a tracking number, send that torepparttar 141302 buyer as well. This will allow them to followrepparttar 141303 tracking themselves.


Regardless of whomrepparttar 141304 buyer, work with integrity and run your auctions accordingly. More than likely, you will run into some difficult buyers, although not often. Keep in mind that every buyer providesrepparttar 141305 best form of advertisement - word of mouth. Integrity is what will draw customers in and keep them coming back along with friends and family.


If a buyer makes a recommendation, listen. That does not always mean you will agree or even like their recommendations but if they have something to say, it might be something important to making your auction site better for future buyers. For example, if your shipping information seems muddled torepparttar 141306 buyer but clear to you, you need to review what you have written. Ifrepparttar 141307 customer is struggling with understanding, that is truly what matters.

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E-commerce is booming...will you be part of it?

Written by Stephan L. Choi

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Other online commerce includes trading of stocks, purchases of airline tickets and groceries, and participation in auctions. Everyone has heard of Ebay.com. Millions of people every day participate in eBay auctions. People can do research ofrepparttar online markets and easily findrepparttar 141200 best deal on their product without any legwork. In addition to purchasing, people can set up their own e-commerce stores easily. If you have a product, want to sell a hobby such as needlework, or if you have a service to offer, you can reach a much greater crowd by opening an online store.

E-mail, faxes, teleconferencing and telephone or online banking are all forms of e-commerce also. These forms have mostly been around longer but they are all still part ofrepparttar 141201 e-commerce industry. More and more people are taking advantage and choosing to pay bills online, receive statements and more.

Beside making our lives easier, it looks like E-commerce is here to stay!

Stephan L. Choi is excited about E-commerce and is the owner of Everything About E-commerce

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