What They Mean By Child-Like Faith

Written by Eric Engel

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Providing is only one ofrepparttar father’s functions. A good father guides his son to safety, and sometimes forces him there. Why? Because a child doesn’t always know what will harm him and what won’t. The child thinks he wants cookies for supper…the father knows that this would harm him. The obedient son accepts his father’s authority, even if he doesn’t understand it.

Butrepparttar 149908 ignorance doesn’t releaserepparttar 149909 child from responsibility. The father might use his authority to lay a foundation, but expectsrepparttar 149910 son to some day understandrepparttar 149911 reasons behind his actions. The father expects his son to grow and mature…but always realize his own inferiority torepparttar 149912 father. Always ready to accept his father’s direction.

It’srepparttar 149913 same with God and us. We’re not so much commanded to accept our foolishness (or simplicity) but to realize it and acceptrepparttar 149914 Christ’s authority when we disagree. Sometimes this means acceptingrepparttar 149915 rule of Christ’s Church, and is an act of will. Sometimes, it’s forced upon us. Like when we face some disaster and wonder “How could God let this happen to me?”

This is what it means to have child-like faith. This is how we’ll enter into heaven. And this is whyrepparttar 149916 Bible constantly points out our foolishness. Because inrepparttar 149917 shadow of God, our own intellect and knowledge of what’s good for us isn’t always focused. Andrepparttar 149918 more we realize it,repparttar 149919 more it becomes our duty to gain that understanding, but accept authority until we do.

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Is Buddhism A Religion?

Written by Helen Wyre

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Like all major religions Buddhism contains a morality, rituals and behaviours, certain ethical values and an origin of existence, yet because Buddhists do not believe in an all knowing creator God some claim that Buddhism fails to be a religion. The large variety of definitions of religion shows that we can never give a solid, one answer description of what it is that religion is and does.

We must remember that previously Buddhism has many names such asrepparttar Buddha’s teaching or message, orrepparttar 149879 Buddha’s way orrepparttar 149880 path of attainment. Althoughrepparttar 149881 religious status of Buddhism has come under constant attack, we could argue thatrepparttar 149882 questioning is in fact, not necessary. If we were able to askrepparttar 149883 Buddha if Buddhism was in fact a religion or not he would probably answer withrepparttar 149884 response that it does not matter. Torepparttar 149885 Buddhist, their beliefs are essentially a philosophy by which individuals can attain release fromrepparttar 149886 world of karma and rebirth. Knowing whether or not Buddhism is a religion or not cannot lead to salvation, only through practice and understanding can one be led to a happiness which is not transient.

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