What The Muscle Power of Audio Can Do for Your Site.

Written by Brian Holte

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Audio-Learn one step at a time. Granted, creating an audio clip may seem a little confusing at first because you have to get familiar withrepparttar software youíve chosen to use. But like most other tasks in life, practice makes perfect.

Audio-How isrepparttar 108369 file activated? There are a couple of ways in which your visitor can activaterepparttar 108370 audio on your site. One is by clicking on a link,repparttar 108371 other involves placing a small amount of code on your site that automatically downloads everytime you get a visitor torepparttar 108372 page youíve placedrepparttar 108373 audio clip on.

Audio-How about pop-upís and popunders? You can also create pop-upís or pop-unders with an audio clip that downloads asrepparttar 108374 pop-up or pop-under window activates when your visitor goes to exit your site. An example of this would be to use your clip to encourage sign-upís for your ezine.

Audio-Where can you get tutored on this subject? There are many tutorials onrepparttar 108375 net that teach people how to create pop-upís or pop-underís, there are also software programs that makerepparttar 108376 creation process a whole lot easier. There are also plenty of audio recording software programs out there, some are fr**, others cost money.

Final Comments: By no means am I encouraging you to place audio on every page of your site, leave some pages as just plain text, others with text and a picture, and then text, picture and audio. What works for me may not necessarily work for you, but it never hurts to test. You wonít know until you try. Good luck, Brian.

Brian Holte is a freelance writer who owns www.theebookking.com He publishes a monthly ezine covering topics related to creating ebooks, he shows you what works for him in hopes of helping you.

The Storyteller, Volume I

Written by Martha Whittington

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Throughout The Storyteller, Whittington weaves a macabre tapestry of drama, suspense and fast-paced action. Fromrepparttar dangers ofrepparttar 108368 Egyptian desert torepparttar 108369 cold streets of New York, she takes readers on a thrilling journey alongrepparttar 108370 knife-edge between this world andrepparttar 108371 unknown. A captivating read for fans ofrepparttar 108372 disturbingly weird. The Storyteller delivers thrills and chills at each turn ofrepparttar 108373 page.

For further review on this book, please go to: http://storytellersbookclub.com or e-mail us at: thestorytellers2121@yahoo.com

Born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico, Whittington set out to see the world when she was 21. She holds a Degree in Communications and a Masterís in Public Relations, and she speaks fluent Spanish, English, German and French. Whittington comes from a family of published authors. At a young age, she wrote short stories that won awards in international contests. She currently lives in Houston, where she continues to nurture her passion for writing.

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