What Planet is Your Relationship on?

Written by Elizabeth White

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Only three examples have been given here, but there are lots more. It can get very complex, butrepparttar fundamental principles are simple and can be grasped by anybody sufficiently motivated to understand them.

If you want to understandrepparttar 122068 dynamic of a relationship, you should first try to understand each person as an individual. Astrology is a great way of doing this. It can help identify what matters most to you. If you are fundamentally an emotional person, emotional rapport will berepparttar 122069 most important aspect of any relationship you have. A relationship that is great in lots of other ways, but does not meet this need, will ultimately be unfulfilling. Equally, you may tolerate all kinds of other difficulties if you are in a relationship where you feel a deep emotional connection. Discovering which planet you wantrepparttar 122070 relationship to be on, is crucial. A great relationship on Venus may be fine for some people, but you might personally be happier with one based onrepparttar 122071 moon.

Astrology is a fascinating subject. After all, what could be more interesting than studying yourself,repparttar 122072 person you love andrepparttar 122073 relationship that you have? It's worth investing some time to understand it yourself, rather than relying on other people's predictions and interpretations. It can be easy to place too much faith in an expert interpretation. There are some very experienced astrologers out there, but you arerepparttar 122074 most qualified person to understand yourself and your relationship. Astrology gives yourepparttar 122075 tools to do so in a neutral way, and it's also great fun. So, if you do feel inspired to look at it in more depth, be sure to enjoy yourself whatever planet you are on.

Elizabeth White has been practising Astrology for over 15 years and is the author of an introductory astrology course.


"Photos your photographer won't take at your wedding....unless you ask for them!"

Written by Bill Collins

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You might also help make getting these photos easier for your photographer by making sure thatrepparttar people who are going to be included in these special group photos are told to be available forrepparttar 122067 photos being taken whenrepparttar 122068 other groups are done...either before or immediately afterrepparttar 122069 wedding ceremony.

You will not want to be trying to pull these groups together atrepparttar 122070 reception, because getting them all together atrepparttar 122071 same time atrepparttar 122072 reception is often one ofrepparttar 122073 most difficult things you'll do on your wedding day. It is better to avoid doing these photos atrepparttar 122074 reception altogether, if possible and get them done early inrepparttar 122075 day.

Also, be sure that allrepparttar 122076 people to be included in your photos know to stay inrepparttar 122077 roomrepparttar 122078 photos are being taken until allrepparttar 122079 groups are done. If someone slips off because they think they are through being photographed and it turns out that they are needed for an impromptu additional last minute group request, everything grinds to a halt photo-wised, until someone tracks them down and bringsrepparttar 122080 back.

If you aren't careful, this could be repeated over and over again as various people slip outside for a smoke or to userepparttar 122081 restroom after their group as been taken. When this happens, it can extendrepparttar 122082 time needed forrepparttar 122083 photos by as much as an extra half hour...and that time is probably cutting into your reception time, too.

A lot of churches today have church services scheduled pretty soon afterrepparttar 122084 wedding concludes, so many timesrepparttar 122085 photographer ends up being rushed timewise on gettingrepparttar 122086 group photos for you. I've had priests tell me immediately afterrepparttar 122087 receiving line concludes, "You have only 20 minutes to get all your groups done. We've got a church service starting soon."

In my email to be bride beforerepparttar 122088 wedding date, I always try to avoid having this happen by asking if there is a church service planned for afterrepparttar 122089 wedding...and, if so, how soon will it begin afterrepparttar 122090 wedding . I point out that everyone will need to RUSH back in immediately if we are crowded for time byrepparttar 122091 church. Don't let others complicate it for your photographer by them slipping out ofrepparttar 122092 room before allrepparttar 122093 group photos are taken.

Copyright, Bill Collins, 2004

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