What Market Research will tell you

Written by Martin Day

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Ease of doing business – Do your customers find it easy to deal with you and so they find what they want? Is there sufficient advice and assistance on hand?

Do you make it easy for your customers to buy? Are your employees properly trained? Marketing – Is your marketing reachingrepparttar right people and isrepparttar 150463 marketing message clear and effective. Which marketing channels should you focus on and which, if any, should you drop?

Is your marketing message understood? Does your marketing properly represent your brand? Do you advertise throughrepparttar 150464 right channels? Are you reachingrepparttar 150465 right people?

Martin Day is a Director of Survey Galaxy Ltd a web site that allows anyone to create, design and publish online surveys. For more information please visit http://www.surveygalaxy.com

Title Insurance Protects Your Financial Investment

Written by Neda Dabestani-Ryba

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conduct a chain of title, which is a review ofrepparttar owner history ofrepparttar 150442 property, checking for who purchasedrepparttar 150443 property, who sold it, and when; perform a tax search to verifyrepparttar 150444 present status of taxes; conduct a judgment search to determine whether there are any general liens againstrepparttar 150445 property; and, sometimes even, conduct on-site inspections to verify lot size,repparttar 150446 location of improvements, and evidence of unrecorded easements. According torepparttar 150447 American Land Title Association, 25 percent of title searches find a title problem that is fixed beforerepparttar 150448 insurance is issued. At this point, you may be wondering why you even need insurance following an exhaustive title search. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to guarantee a title is clear of hidden defects—those circumstances that could find you in a tug of war overrepparttar 150449 property. Examples of hidden defects include mistakes in interpretation of wills and other legal documents, liens for unpaid estate or inheritance taxes, deeds by persons of unsound mind, impersonation ofrepparttar 150450 real owner, forgery, missing or undisclosed heirs, falsification of records, and confusion stemming from similar names. Your home is probably one of your largest investments. For a one-time premium, you can have peace of mind for as long as you or your heirs retainrepparttar 150451 property. Talk with your real estate professional for more information on title insurance and selecting a title company.

Neda Dabestani-Ryba is a licensed Realtor in Maryland. She is a member of the President's Circle of Top Real Estate Professionals. She can be reached at (800) 536-3806 or visit her website for more information: http://neda.dabestani.pcragent.com/ Prudential Carruthers REALTORS is an independently owned and operated member of Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc., a Prudential Financial company. Equal Housing Opportunity.

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