What Makes a Translator?

Written by Brett Jocelyn Epstein

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It all sounds rather formidable, certainly, but not impossible. There are, in fact, many excellent practitioners out there who fulfill these hefty requirements, butrepparttar tiny number of translated books published inrepparttar 128811 United States each year revealsrepparttar 128812 sad fact that few people take up this challenging and stimulating work. If only more people would joinrepparttar 128813 ranks of translators and help unlockrepparttar 128814 prison of language.

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About the Author: Brett Jocelyn Epstein is a Swedish to English translator who has translated articles, menus, websites, stories, and other works. She is also an English teacher, writer, and editor, and she has a BA in literature and creative writing from Bryn Mawr College and an MFA in fiction from Queens University. Please visit her website at http://www.brettdaniel.net/ for more information.

Effective Collaboration - Working With Your Ghostwriter

Written by Bonnie Jo Davis

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- Be flexible. If your ghostwriter delivers an article with which you are truly displeased allow him/her to do some editing before you completely rejectrepparttar piece altogether. When making directives for specific editing requests try to explain why you are making your request. This can help your ghostwriter learn your particular preferences and help further develop his/her ability to write from your perspective.

- Be reasonable regarding timeframe for delivery of your article. All work takes time and as you already know, so does writing in particular. Try to offer new projects far enough in advance that your ghostwriter has time to produce his/her best work for you. Even if your ghostwriter is an expert in your subject and works well against short deadlines, he/she can usually produce a better article for you if not pressed for time.

- Money talks, but not alwaysrepparttar 128809 same language. You may be surprised to learn that many professional ghostwriters are more drawn to regular work than a one-time-shot larger payment for writing an article. As I often say, writers are real people with real lives and financial commitments like everyone else. In offering your projects to a different writer each time you'll definitely receive a variety of work, but you won't have much security. By working with one or perhaps two ghostwriters you'll haverepparttar 128810 benefit of knowing what to expect in their work.

- Don't keep your ghostwriter's name a secret. Sharingrepparttar 128811 name of your ghostwriter with other people who may have a need for his/her services goes a long way in maintaining a successful relationship. Not only is itrepparttar 128812 most genuine compliment you can offer, it is also one ofrepparttar 128813 most effective ways of ensuring that you're a valued client. Even freelance writers who have built a regular client base are almost always accepting new opportunities, if only as filler projects during slow times. Sharing your ghostwriter's name demonstrates your value of their work. You can berepparttar 128814 first name to whom your ghostwriter likewise makes referrals in your area of business and/or expertise.

- Pay your ghostwriter's fees promptly. Many ghostwriters charge a deposit or in-advance payment on projects that they accept as a standard for doing business. However, some do accept work without a deposit. Whichever agreement you reach with your ghostwriter, it is important that you honor that agreement just as any other contract for professional services by making payment upon receipt of services.

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