What Is Web Hosting?

Written by Sean Felker

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The responsibility ofrepparttar shopping mall owner is to keep and maintainrepparttar 134340 building in a top condition for your business to prosper. Inrepparttar 134341 exact same manner, a hosting company invests a lot of money to set up high-speed connections and a full-fledged data center. And as a small business owner, you may rent virtual space onrepparttar 134342 web to set up your store and offer your products or services torepparttar 134343 world.

When you set up your account it will also be empty and it will be up to you to design your own website (or hire a web designer to build one for you), and to advertise it torepparttar 134344 world. for more information on web hosting please visit: http://the-easy-way.com/webhosting.html

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Reseller Hosting Explained

Written by Ashish Jain

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If you haverepparttar money andrepparttar 134339 experience then you can go as far as buying allrepparttar 134340 server equipment required, in which case you will also be responsible for allrepparttar 134341 server maintenance costs.

The other option could be leasing a server as this will be cheaper than buyingrepparttar 134342 server, but here as well you are responsible for allrepparttar 134343 maintenance and running costs ofrepparttar 134344 server.

Inrepparttar 134345 above two cases you also need to make sure that you have multiple connections withrepparttar 134346 hosting company so there are no complications in case a connection goes down.


The best thing about being a reseller is that you do not require a lot of upfront investment.

There is no need to have a lot of technical knowledge. Account management and Internet skills are all that is required. However, it would be really handy if you have some sales and marketing experience so you can interact with your customers better.

The hosting company generally provides and maintains allrepparttar 134347 hardware and software.

You do not need to hire a lot of IT staff to provide support. Providing basic support and leavingrepparttar 134348 more technical issues torepparttar 134349 parent company support staff can be easily achieved. Downside

Support can sometimes be delayed, as you are dependent onrepparttar 134350 parent company to handlerepparttar 134351 technical aspects. If there is a delay from their side then you along with your customer are affected.

Sometimes customers leave you if they find out that you are a reseller and not a real hosting company.

Tips for marketing yourself

If you are starting out on a small scale then visiting message boards and posting your services there is a good idea. A lot of potential clientele with relatively small hosting needs also frequent message boards and outline their desired services.

Having contests is a great idea for bringing awareness and interest about your services.

Online ad campaigns, signatures, and text links are very helpful techniques.

Once you have gotten a bigger budget then you can go for Google ad words or PPC search engines.

The best strategy is to try out various combinations of these approaches and work outrepparttar 134352 best one for your needs.

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