What Is This Passion for Tanning?

Written by Rachel Stepsen

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Tanning beds controlrepparttar amount and time of ultraviolet radiation. A tanning bed programsrepparttar 141045 emission and intensity of ultraviolet rays according torepparttar 141046 recipient's body. The tanning beds stoprepparttar 141047 radiations afterrepparttar 141048 stipulated time. In fact, a tanning bed is like a controlled dose of ultraviolet rays.

Tanning machines and tanning beds require a few precautions because ofrepparttar 141049 presence of ultraviolet light. Some ofrepparttar 141050 precautions required for tanning beds are:

* You should always wear protective eye goggles while usingrepparttar 141051 tanning beds. Tanning saloons haverepparttar 141052 goggles available for their clients. Never use a tanning bed withoutrepparttar 141053 goggles because ultraviolet rays are more harmful torepparttar 141054 retina than to your skin.

* Tanning Bed Exposure Timings: It is important to observerepparttar 141055 tanning bed timings. Over exposure atrepparttar 141056 tanning beds could be harmful. Exposure times also vary withrepparttar 141057 brand of bed. Make sure you are followingrepparttar 141058 manufacturer's guidelines. You can check other regulations with local Department of Health & Human Services.

Using a tanning bed is quite a simple activity. Just a few sessions and you will find everyone asking about where you have been to! =========================================================== Find out all you need to know about tanning beds. Are they safe ? Do they work ? Why should you use tanning beds instead of normal sunshine... ? Click http://www.tanning-beds-101.com/

Rachel Stepsen is a lifelong user of tanning beds. She has researched and tested numerous different beds, and investigated all the important safety issues. Now she's written a series of article to share her knowledge and experience.

4 Basic Principles for Pool and Water Safety

Written by Kathy Alexander

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Door alarms, pool alarms and pool covers can also provide additional levels of protection, adding obstacles for an exploring toddler to have to get through before reachingrepparttar possible harm of submersion inrepparttar 141011 water.

Swimming safety skills

If infants and toddlers are relaxed inrepparttar 141012 water, they can hold their breath and provide parents with a few extra seconds to pick them up out ofrepparttar 141013 water. Asrepparttar 141014 children progress pastrepparttar 141015 water adjustment stage, it is important to teach skills such as jumping in, turning around and swimming back torepparttar 141016 side, recovering up for a breath and rolling torepparttar 141017 back for a breath. These skills provide additional protection should an unsupervised water entry occur.

Infant/Child CPR

Have an emergency action plan prepared so that inrepparttar 141018 event of an accident you are able to stay calm and react efficiently and quickly. It is important all parents and caregivers are certified in Infant/Child CPR and first aid procedures.

Kathy Alexander, Mother of four, Madison (3), Delaney(2), Courtney(2), and Wyatt(4 mos). She and her husband of 11 years live in Texas with their children. Protect Children! Teach Safety! 4 Kidz 4 Safety 'N More offers child safety products including photo identification, DNA & fingerprinting kits, books, games and charts at 4kidz4safetyNmore.com!

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