What Is The Meaning Of This?

Written by Terri Seymour

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#Hyperlink-- Also known as links. Links are urls or other text that you can click on to bring you to another webpage or website. These links are coded in HTML.

#Search Engine-- A search engine is likerepparttar card catalog atrepparttar 119054 library. When you want to find a website about a particular subject, type your keywords inrepparttar 119055 search box andrepparttar 119056 search engine will find and list related sites and pages.

#Spam-- Spam isrepparttar 119057 junk mail ofrepparttar 119058 internet. When you send a sales pitch or advertisement via email to someone without their consent, this is Spam.

#Virus-- This is a program that latches onto other programs and travels from computer to computer, possibly causing lots of damage by destroying files and information.

# Modem-- A modem isrepparttar 119059 part of your computer that enables you to get hooked up torepparttar 119060 internet. Your phone line is hooked up torepparttar 119061 modem and through your modem you can be connected torepparttar 119062 internet.

#Shareware-- Shareware is software that you can download and try out before buying. If you decide to keep on usingrepparttar 119063 software, you will have to pay a registration fee.

I hope this article has helped you understand these words a little better. You can find these words and many more at these sites:

http://www.netlingo.com/ http://www.computeruser.com/resources/dictionary/index.html http://www.pcwebopedia.com/ http://coverage.cnet.com/Resources/Info/Glossary/ http://www.whatis.com/

There are so many new terms to learn that it may seem overwhelming, but with a little time and effort you can be speaking a whole new language!

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Web Surfing: ISP Tips

Written by Richard Lowe

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- Try and get a month-to-month contact if you can so you can cancel (at least at first, until you know how good they are).

- Do your research and don't be swayed by fancy ads and television commercials.

- If you can, check out their newsgroup (many ISPs have their own technical support newsgroups), message boards and chat rooms.

- Ask your friends and associates if they have any experience with them

- Before you makerepparttar decision get their technical support number and make a call. Pretend like you are a naive user and ask a few questions. See how long you wait on hold and how helpfulrepparttar 119053 people are.

- Check out a history ofrepparttar 119054 value of their stocks. Companies that are having trouble tend to have stock values which have declined in recent months.

- Make sure you get a flat rate for connection time. It's a good idea to never, ever get a per-hour charge as these can add up fast. Make surerepparttar 119055 ISP has a local phone number. Long distance charges will also add up very quickly.

- Even if you can still find a free ISP, I would highly recommend against them. There is always a hidden cost to these places, and lately they have tended to be very unstable.

- Personally, I try not to mix apples and oranges. A good ISP does not necessarily make a good web host.

Once you've chosen an ISP and are set up, don't put up with anything. You wouldn't wait very long if your phone stopped working to get it fixed, would you? So don't wait to let someone know if your service is poor and be prepared to escalate it allrepparttar 119056 way uprepparttar 119057 corporate ladder if you need to. These guys are taking your money and providing a service, and you deserve good service.

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