What Is Identity Theft?

Written by Nicole Soltau

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These steps provide a good first line of defense against identity theft but, unfortunately, they do not provide a guarantee. If you follow steps and still become a victim of identity theft, take action fast.

Important actions if you arerepparttar victim of identity theft

The first step is to report it torepparttar 146655 authorities. Most companies have to have a police report or case number before they can work with you to undorepparttar 146656 damage. Withrepparttar 146657 report or number in hand, you will need to call all of your credit card issuers and advise them of what has happened so they can flag your account with a fraud investigation flag. Utilities and phone companies must be notified as well.

Be mindful that there are three credit reporting agencies that collect and compile information about your credit history and habits. You will need to inform at least one of them so that a fraud alert can be placed on your file. Oncerepparttar 146658 alert is placedrepparttar 146659 first agency will informrepparttar 146660 other two bureaus to place alerts as well. You can choose an initial if you merely suspect identity theft and adopt a wait and watch approach or an extended alert if you are certain that you have been a victim of this crime.

You will also need to get a copy of your credit report and review its accuracy. Give particular attention to recent activity that does not seem familiar. Write and or call all ofrepparttar 146661 companies that report information related to your identity theft. Most credit card companies will only hold their customers responsible for up to $50 dollars in cases of theft, and most banks will replace stolen money pending verification.

Identity theft can make securing loans for home ownership or education impossible. It may even prevent employment with agencies that require a particular credit score. If you have beenrepparttar 146662 victim of identity theft it can take weeks or years and often quite a bit of time and money to undorepparttar 146663 damage. It makes sense that victims often feel angry, overwhelmed and discouraged. If you arerepparttar 146664 victim of identity theft it’s very important to be proactive. When you act quickly you will minimizerepparttar 146665 damage and loss by limiting unauthorized access to your sensitive account information.

Be sure to keep records of all activities and contacts related to your identity theft. You may also want to make periodic checks of your credit report and sign up for an account monitoring service, which immediately alerts you when inquiries to your credit report occur. Stay alert and keep aware.

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Stretching Your Grocery Dollars

Written by Nicole Soltau

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• Include your local grocer’s weekly circular in your savings plan. When store sales are coupled withrepparttar savings cards now offered by many grocer’s you can save hundreds of dollars each year.

• Pay attention to promotionals. Some grocer’s offer reward if you spendrepparttar 146654 target amount within a specified period. Rewards generally include a percentage off of your grocery bill at a later date or cash back.

• Curb impulse buying. Grocer’s have developed their floor plans with your dollars in mind;repparttar 146655 object, get as many as possible with proper product placement. Learnrepparttar 146656 layout of your store and make a beeline to your destination. Temptation is especially tough inrepparttar 146657 check out aisles. Fightrepparttar 146658 urge to succumb to these powerful marketing practices by making, and sticking to, a list.

• Try not to shop when you are starved. It makes sense that you are more vulnerable to impulse buying when you are hungry.

• Make a budget and take a calculator torepparttar 146659 store.

• Compare prices. Store brands are not necessarily least expensive. Take just a moment to scanrepparttar 146660 shelves for best prices onrepparttar 146661 items you buy. When comparison shopping, make sure to take note of per unit costs.

• Look below eye level. Bargain priced items are often shelved below eye level and out of your immediate view.

Grocery shopping can take a big chunk out of your budget if you are not careful. With just a small investment of time you will realize savings that you can take torepparttar 146662 credit union. http://www.CreditUnionRate.com

Nicole Soltau is the President and Founder of http://CreditUnionRate.com - The Leading Credit Union Directory Search, Find ,Join.

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