What Is Homeschooling and How Do I Know If It's Right FOr My Family?

Written by Anita York

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As an example to get you started, I'm going to share with you what I wrote on my list nine years ago. My Educational Beliefs 1. I believe my child's attitude about learning should be: One of continual curiosity and seeking of knowledge. 2. I believe my child's learning should lead towards a lifestyle that is: Rural, physically active, creative. 3. I believe these basic values should be part of my child's learning: Respect for others Loyalty to family and friends Honesty Generosity 4. I believe children learn best: Through hands-on learning experience, reading, workbooks. 5. I believe a teacher should: Provide side-by-side assistance and direction. Interact withrepparttar child. Providerepparttar 109368 structure within whichrepparttar 109369 child may explore, experiment, study and achieve. Provide a good example of excitement in learning. 6. Other beliefs: I believe my child should grow up to be self-reliant and occupationally secure in a field of high interest to them. Now, that wasn't too bad, was it? Don't give up on this until you have at least something written down, but don't agonize over it either. You can come back to it later if need be. Next, start a paper or file titled ?Life Goals For My Child.? I want you to write down what kind of person you envision your child being as an adult. What are your hopes and dreams for him/her? What educational gifts do you hope to be able to help them find that will serve them their entire lives? I'll share mine from 9 years ago, just to get you started. ?Life Goals for My Child? 7. Be literate. 8. Be self-reliant. 9. Compete well in their chosen field of occupation. 10. Appreciate art, music, and literature. 11. Be creative. 12. Be inventive and resourceful. 13. Be healthy, mentally and physically. 14. Co-operate with others. 15. Maintain a strong sense of self-worth. 16. Maintain a life-long curiosity, seeking knowledge as a way of life. 17. Look torepparttar 109370 future with a sense of excitement and adventure. Forrepparttar 109371 last exercise, start a third paper titled: Why We (I) Am Going To Homeschool Our (My) Child? (Yes, single parents can successfully homeschool their children.) You may not have allrepparttar 109372 answers for this one yet either, but just get something down. All of these ideas and beliefs can start getting mixed in with other people's opinions once we start educating ourselves in depth about homeschooling, and you'll be glad you have these lists tucked away. Okay, here's my old list: Why We Are Going To Homeschool Our Children Our family consists of myself, my husband, a 21-year-old daughter, a 19-year-old daughter, an 8-year-old son, a 7-year-old daughter, a 4- year old daughter, and an unborn son due in 6 months. My two oldest daughters (from my first marriage) were inrepparttar 109373 public school system forrepparttar 109374 whole of their educational years. It is largely a dissatisfaction withrepparttar 109375 public schools and all it's attendant problems (academic, social, and moral) that has caused us to makerepparttar 109376 decision to homeschool our youngest children. We decided, even before our 8-year-old son (the oldest ofrepparttar 109377 younger set) was born, that somehow we would find an alternative torepparttar 109378 public schools. We want to homeschool for some additional reasons. We want added closeness with our children. We want more independence, greater control over our family's moral and philosophical values, and better awareness of our children's interests. We dislikerepparttar 109379 thought of any government agency--no matter how well meaning--directingrepparttar 109380 raising of our children. We intend to homeschool because we do not want our children's academic, social, and moral education taken out of our hands. We believe these areas of a child's education are a parent's responsibility, right, and pleasure. I'd like you to spend some time going over these lists until you feel they accurately reflect your feelings about homeschooling your children. When I did these exercises, I had only a vague idea about why I wanted to homeschool and what kind of education I wanted to help my children acquire. These simple exercises helped me to ?solidify? my ideas and providedrepparttar 109381 basis for our future homeschooling methods. I hope they help you to dorepparttar 109382 same. Keep these lists in a safe place and add to them as you explorerepparttar 109383 possibility of homeschooling your child.

Anita York has homeschooled her four children for 15 years. She is a contracted Senior Editor, Editor, Copyeditor and Manuscript Screener for three publishers. Her book "You CAN Homeschool Your Child" is available at: http://www.L7S.net/Item.php?ID=YC000.

Sequel to Primeval Earth Energy on Magnetism, Electricity and Gravity.

Written by Malcolm James Pugh

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Consider there are actually other dimensions, widely believed to be feasible by recent theories. If there is a time stamp on PEE I see no reason why there should not be a dimension stamp as well. Perhaps when we die, and PEE presumably cannot reside any more, then we move into another dimension and then continue with different PEE from that dimension. Assume for a moment that troubled souls so to speak actually retain some of our dimensions PEE upon death,repparttar brain not wanting to relinquish butrepparttar 109367 body giving out. When transference to another dimension occurred, surely there would be a similar pull torepparttar 109368 Eldridges crew in time, only between dimensions. Perhaps troubled spirits as we deem them are two differing kinds of PEE struggling for supremacy. Perhaps exorcism is in fact removing our dimensions PEE to allow transition without conflict to another dimension entirely without any further struggle or torment. Perhaps mediums can actually sustain this double dimensional facet whilst alive, and see into both dimensions when in trance. I only put forward vague ideas unsupported by any kind of scientific analysis or proof or detail or postulation of how physically and scientifically all this can be cut down to real tangible evidence. Yet many people spend time searching for proofs and eventually find them notwithstanding that their original inspirational idea was right. They work towards what they instinctively know is right. We seem to have to have everything blueprinted and in black and white before we can believe it is real. The things I have spoken of are real enough, and no one has much idea why they occur until now. I give an alternate view of what might be, and in fact to me is most likely true. It explains a lot of holes in our teachings, and crossesrepparttar 109369 void between religious teachings, ancient knowledge and science as we know it today. What is there is there, and I think mankind as a whole knows there are currently holes in our true understanding of how things actually fit together and what is going on and has gone on for centuries. I believe we all KNOW or more accurately KNEW what liferepparttar 109370 universe and everything was instinctively, and possessed far stronger mind skills than now, far better awareness of self and surroundings, which have been submerged and recessed by mountains of apparent fact and apparent scientific advance materially atrepparttar 109371 expense of subtler forms of energy and skills far more potent and useful. Perhaps free energy is not something too popular with oil and gas and nuclear society. Free does not sound too good to some. You only have to look atrepparttar 109372 sales of x files or ufo books or Von Daniken, Atlantis Lemuria, Bermuda triangle to see how deeply rooted in our psyche isrepparttar 109373 thirst to regain this knowledge andrepparttar 109374 instinct of all humanity that there is more to life than plain bare facts and more torepparttar 109375 sky than stars.

Im growing old on what ive been told But it doesnt seem quite right It doesnt explain bereavements pain Where loved ones go out of sight It never prepared me for non eternity When I believed I would never die Never told why we are meant to be And what our purpose is and why Never gave a clue where me and you Are finally headed from our birth I just got schools and allrepparttar 109376 rules But no map to my inner worth No hint or sign of anything divine Or any methods of divination Mystical man with his esoteric plan Seemed lodged with hellfire and damnation Yet I cant be told now that Im old That all this outweighed intuition I know deep inside with another eye Theres more books than their edition Theres a real world to be unfurled Real truth out there to find And theres more than we ever saw Already deep inside our mind, Our brains send thought of what ought To berepparttar 109377 true way they should be used And we just know it is simply so And its up to us to choose Whether to applaudrepparttar 109378 factually flawed The emotionally uninspiring of today Or stop and think just atrepparttar 109379 brink And try for a more stimulating way And let our minds think all kinds And be open and not blinkered And set asiderepparttar 109380 lies inside The truths that have been tinkered Why constantly cling to words that bring Disillusionment in their final wake Why stubbornly grasp theories that mask And distort truths that they forsake, I dont need absolute facts creed I dont need certified and correct Id rather go with what I KNOW Rather pursue what I suspect, For right deep down there is a frown At all I have been taught and learned All that has been spoken as literal All that has on my mind been burned Underneath their teaching there is reaching A will to know just who we are Whether born free for eternity Or ruled from a distant star, And I want to know as I grow Why Im here and where Im going And currently theres no certainty And few ways of really knowing, Surely we can be only ever free If we knowrepparttar 109381 reasons why And our minds will open allrepparttar 109382 blinds But first of all we have to try.

copyright malcolm james pugh may 26th 2004.

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