What Is Happening to MLM?

Written by Gary E Layton

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Don’t mistake these costs for subscription fees you may be required to pay for access to a commission-paying program. If such subscription fees are required make sure this isrepparttar only cost required and thatrepparttar 122574 company furnishesrepparttar 122575 necessary seller web sites and other normal tools you may require to run your business. There is nothing wrong with charging subscription fees as long as each level ofrepparttar 122576 MLM upline receivesrepparttar 122577 same amount asrepparttar 122578 Company. These subscription fees are considered direct compensation or referral fees rewardingrepparttar 122579 Affiliate's activities in building their sales organization. These fees do not generate business volume for Affiliates nor are commissions paid on them. They are a source of residual income but commissions are paid only onrepparttar 122580 sales of products and services.

Always check outrepparttar 122581 Support Plan and System promised by each MLM. Look atrepparttar 122582 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Pages, which are part of most MLM Home Web Sites. Dorepparttar 122583 questions asked andrepparttar 122584 responses seem reasonable and make sense or are they just plain old boilerplate responses which can relate to any business?

Checkrepparttar 122585 response time by asking a question. See how long it takes to get a response and what type of response do you get.

Look hard for a professional appearance in Web Sites and promotional material. Bad spelling, bad grammar and math mistakes are an indicator of non-professional or ’hurry-up’ type work and nine times out of ten such Web Sites indicate a ’shaky’ proposition and should be avoided. Serious people takerepparttar 122586 time to do things right and portray a professional image. Remember that.

Does all this mean that all MLM's should be avoided? Of course not. The MLM concept is still one ofrepparttar 122587 best ideas ever conceived for a home type business and if properly operated can bring significant rewards to those who learn how to run them.

Yes there are some great MLM opportunities out there. Learn to recognize them, but be prepared to work and spend time and money to make them successful. No one gets something for nothing in this world, especially in a business sense, and we must always remember that.

Owning your own business is exciting and can be profitable, so give yourself a chance and learn what you are getting yourself into before you commit yourself. Yes, there are millions of dollars to be made onrepparttar 122588 Internet and working MLM's are a proven way to do it.

Gary Layton is co-owner of Double Eagle Business Center (DEBC). By providing an honest and well thought out MLM Opportunity, DEBC meets all the legal requirements for an online MLM plus offers products and services which can support any online business along with an innovative and a high percentage (75%) commission payout to Affiliates. http://PathTrax.com/x.pl/GL121,2


Written by Bob Leduc

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To capture additional business from your existing customers you have to find or create additional products or services your customers are likely to want. Start by asking yourself what else you can offer your customers and clients to improve their lives inrepparttar same area as their original purchase.

One type of product every business can use for repeat sales is instructional material. It can be a book, videotape, audiotape, software or any combinations of them.

For example, a pet store owner I know of regularly sends her customers special postcard offers for some ofrepparttar 122573 books and videotapes she stocks in her store. She sells a lot of books and tapes this way. It also generates a lot of profitable referrals from her customers.


Affiliate programs are especially effective for generating repeat business from existing customers. Just announcerepparttar 122574 product or service to your customers and include your personal endorsement ofrepparttar 122575 program. The affiliate program handles all aspects ofrepparttar 122576 transaction and pays you a commission.

The cost of finding new customers is a big expense. Maximize your return on this expense by getting allrepparttar 122577 business you can from these customers. Create or locate other products or services you can offer them. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to get additional sales from customers -- and how much additional profit it generates for you.

Bob Leduc is a Sales Consultant with 30 years experience in generating low-cost leads. For more info: mailto:BobLeduc@aol.com?subject=Postcards Phone: 702-658-1707 After 10 AM Pacific Time/Las Vegas, NV

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