What Is Google Poodle & How It Will Help You

Written by Jean Sutherland

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Below that there will be a list of crawlable links thatrepparttar google poodle spider found onrepparttar 119335 site entered. These links have been spidered and it gives you a simulated search engine view. Then if you click on these links you will crawl that site. You will not go to it.

Beneath that you will seerepparttar 119336 Poodle Diagnostic's view. When you clickrepparttar 119337 Diagnostics view link, there will appear a color coded representation of whatrepparttar 119338 search spider sees at that URL. The colors separaterepparttar 119339 various elements that are important to search engines and will give you an idea of where you can make some changes.

Next you will see and can click onrepparttar 119340 source code view and see a color coded representation of your HTML code of your URL. This is usually used to de-bug a site when it does not show as it should inrepparttar 119341 other views.

If when using Google Poodle you run into error problems this is also an indication thatrepparttar 119342 googlebot will also encounter a problem and your site will not get indexed properly. For a complete list of google tools to help you please visit my website at:


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3 Steps To Increasing Your Web traffic for Free

Written by Richard Martin

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Third, Use a blog and write about topics related to your site. Put a static link to your site inrepparttar left hand column. Blogger is free and owned by Google. If you provide good content and update continually, it won't be long beforerepparttar 119334 search engines spider your entire site they'll be following it fromrepparttar 119335 blog. Make sure and pingrepparttar 119336 blog to different search engines to hurry them along inrepparttar 119337 process.

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