What Is Foreclosure?

Written by Ben Shar

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Foreclosure is a serious thing. Do not take it lightly. If you foreclose on a home, you will completely ruin your credit. There is simply nothing that you can do worse for it. If you are inrepparttar position that you no longer can afford your home, takerepparttar 147171 opportunity to sell it first. At least you will have cleared your debt in a good way and left your credit in tact. If you are currently in foreclosure, you need to take steps to securerepparttar 147172 right lawyer to help you through it.

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Property for sale in Bulgaria - Emerging Property Markets 1

Written by James Wittering

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So what do you really need to know?

There have been a few negative stories floating around inrepparttar press and on TV, but as with all things most of these issues could have been easily curtailed with a little good advice and lots of homework. It is important to remember that you are dealing with an emerging market; by it's very nature not as predictable asrepparttar 147170 currently stagnating Costa-del-everyman. Having said this it seems that these warning signs pertain to properties onrepparttar 147171 Black Sea Coast rather than ski resorts. The ski season in Bansko is considerably longer thanrepparttar 147172 coastal season andrepparttar 147173 mayor of Bansko is attempting to restrict Bansko to just 8000 beds, ensuring thatrepparttar 147174 region does not become overdeveloped and saturated.

Regardless of what you chose to do, it is very important to seek independent legal advice. No matter how seductiverepparttar 147175 sales patter, you need to know that planning permission has been granted,repparttar 147176 land title ratified, and that there is no outstanding mortgage onrepparttar 147177 land and so on.

Always be wary of developers who want you to agree to a different price onrepparttar 147178 notary deed. This can adversely affect your capital gains tax when you come to sell.

Always enquire about added costs such as maintenance charges you might be expected to pay above and beyondrepparttar 147179 purchase price and be aware that not all agents provide refundable deposits.

So is Bansko a good bet forrepparttar 147180 future?

Yes. A long ski season is great for buy-to-let investors and it is already a proven, popular destination for skiers. Lots of money is being spent on improving infrastructure and facilities and with accession intorepparttar 147181 EU for Bulgaria in 2007, significant capital growth can be expected. One ofrepparttar 147182 most important factors will be access and with several budget airlines currently looking to add Bulgaria to their list of destinations, property in Bulgaria, specifically Bansko, should enjoy a huge increase in demand.

If you're reading this then you're already usingrepparttar 147183 internet to research Bulgarian property investment issues. Another great way to figure out what's going on is to seekrepparttar 147184 opinions of those who have already bought: Check out www.talkbansko.com

Emerging property markets are exciting and potentially very profitable. Just go in with your eyes open and armed with as much independent information as you can.

James Wittering is the marketing manager for Exclusive Properties International who help their clients to build investment property portfolios from all corners of the globe. They also have property for sale in Bulgaria.

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