What Is An MLM Sponsor?

Written by Paul Pierce of www.mlmcoach.net

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1.Have a real sponsor. 2.Learn to be a real sponsor. 3.Develop others who will be real sponsors. 4.Teach them to teach others to be real sponsors.

The secret to Networking success is found in this:repparttar recruiter is not building a “multi-level” organization, it is all one level (and most of them will quit). The sponsor is building a duplicatable system that can run downline through his organization. This builds a powerful downline because it is built deep and strong.

What isrepparttar 147889 difference between a recruiter and a sponsor? It isrepparttar 147890 difference between “hype” and “help”. The sponsor’s job begins when you enroll;repparttar 147891 recruiter’s job is done when you enroll. The goal ofrepparttar 147892 recruiter is to sign up people. The goal ofrepparttar 147893 sponsor is to train leaders. Before asking yourself which you want to be, ask yourself which do you want your upline to be. Remember, you arerepparttar 147894 upline to other people. The key to success in Networking is found in two rules: 1.Be a sponsor. 2.Keep being a sponsor.

This article has been published in several Network Marketing magazines, both inrepparttar 147895 USA and in Europe, since 1986.

Paul Pierce has been a Networker for 25 years, 15 years full time. He is an ordained Baptist minister, a degreed Chemical Engineer, and has been one of the top distributors in five Network Marketing companies. He has built a 150,000 downline Team and another 100,000 downline Team. Paul’s website is www.mlmcoach.net

MLM Business- The 7 Business Factors of an MLM Business

Written by Doug Firebaugh

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Andrepparttar MLM business should also have an email system that is watched, and taken care of, on a daily basis. This is not only forrepparttar 147608 distributor base, but alsorepparttar 147609 customers and public as well.

5) Doesrepparttar 147610 MLM Business haverepparttar 147611 needed business licenses and legal structure to do business inrepparttar 147612 states and countries they operate in?

Answer: Yes.

All MLM Businesses that have been in business for any amount of time, must haverepparttar 147613 needed legal structure and licenses to operate in every state. If they do not, they will eventually be forced to cease doing business in that state. And most MLM Businesses have some form of a corporate structure thatrepparttar 147614 company operates under. That could include being a C Corporation, an LLC, or a Sub S Corporation.

Even MLM distributor needs a license to do business in their city, so they will not be penalized if they do not have one and are caught.

6) Doesrepparttar 147615 MLM business operate on a FOR PROFIT basis?

Every successful business structure, traditional or non-traditional, should operate on a FOR PROFIT basis. Evenrepparttar 147616 MLM distributor needs to operate on a FOR PROFIT basis. Ifrepparttar 147617 MLM business does not operate in a profit mode, and loses money continually,repparttar 147618 MLM business will not be in business for that long.

It isrepparttar 147619 same way forrepparttar 147620 MLM distributor. Ifrepparttar 147621 distributor does not make any money, then they will not stay in business long.

7) Doesrepparttar 147622 MLM business perform all ofrepparttar 147623 needed business functions to increase business, including marketing, promotion, campaigns, running specials, advertising tools, customer service, brand extensions, research and development, direct marketing, increasing brand awareness, and keeping their vendors at an honest price?

Answer: Yes.

Every MLM business operates to increase business, using all ofrepparttar 147624 functions mentioned, and more. Evenrepparttar 147625 MLM distributor needs to perform some of those functions, to increase their own business in their marketplace. These are functions any business needs to do, in order to stay in business, and enlarge it's operating capacity.

Yes, an MLM Business is a TRUE business that operates to servicerepparttar 147626 customer's needs, bring products and services torepparttar 147627 marketplace, and show a profit atrepparttar 147628 end ofrepparttar 147629 year.

MLM or Multi Level Marketing, has passedrepparttar 147630 "7 Business Factors Test." If an MLM Business you are considering does not answer all ofrepparttar 147631 above questions YES, then you may want to consider seeking another MLM Business that can pass this test as a Multi Level Marketing business.

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