What Is American Interventionism Really About?

Written by Brian McAfee

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A few years ago this story took another turn. In a vote East Timor declared its own independence. The Indonesians violently retreated offrepparttar island, burning and looting as they went. The U.S. and Australian military were present to make sure their former ally in crime left an interesting twist to this is that prior torepparttar 132543 U.S. and Australian assistance to kick outrepparttar 132544 Indonesian occupiers, in a short article in an Australian newspaper it was announced that oil and natural gas was found off shore in East Timor territorial waters. [Over 400,000 were killed in these struggles]

From '68 to '73 according to William Shawcross, a war reporter and author of "Sideshow", aboutrepparttar 132545 bombing of Cambodiarepparttar 132546 U.S. routinely and indiscriminately bombed poor villages up and downrepparttar 132547 borders of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. The numbers of non combatants killed are unknown because there was no census but it is likely to be very high. Another tragic atrocity that few Americans know about but resulted from direct and violent interference in another third world democracy. In 1970 Chile elected its first socialist president Salvador Allende. A medical doctor, Allende's first act as president was to make it mandatory that all school children should be given milk duringrepparttar 132548 school day as he noticed a certain vitamin deficiency among some ofrepparttar 132549 poor children which impacted their learning. About a third ofrepparttar 132550 country lived in severe poverty and his ambition was to rectify this and pay forrepparttar 132551 usual, infrastructure, health care, schools. Chile's major natural resource is copper and Allende offeredrepparttar 132552 main U.S. owned copper company, Kennecott,repparttar 132553 current [atrepparttar 132554 time] market price forrepparttar 132555 value ofrepparttar 132556 copper mines atrepparttar 132557 time, they said no and involvedrepparttar 132558 U.S. government, chief among them Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger. In short,repparttar 132559 U.S. enacted an embargo, boycotts and inrepparttar 132560 end when nothing worked out to their satisfaction a coup was orchestrated out of Washington. Salvador Allende was assassinated on 9/11/73. The U.S. supportedrepparttar 132561 Augusto Pinochet dictatorship in which over 3,200 were murdered by Pinochet's henchmen. Many that were murdered were women and about 25,000 more were imprisoned and tortured, all civilian leftists.

These examples of U.S. conduct and foreign policy overrepparttar 132562 past half century are just a partial glimpse ofrepparttar 132563 whole story. Our conduct throughoutrepparttar 132564 third world up to this point has been very anti-democratic. Another aspect to this is a national election that took place in Bolivia about five years ago in which only 5% ofrepparttar 132565 electorate voted,repparttar 132566 reason for this beingrepparttar 132567 people had no influence in their own country. The IMF and World Bank had taken control ofrepparttar 132568 nation's financing cutting funding for education, health care and infrastructure, privatizing everything possible, bringing foreign investors in so they could attempt to profit offrepparttar 132569 backs ofrepparttar 132570 poor. This has been a long war onrepparttar 132571 poor ofrepparttar 132572 world. A change in attitude and conduct is needed. A change in which mutual respect, mutual benefit and compassion are paramount. Almost all ofrepparttar 132573 aforementioned occurrences were preceded at home by declaration that they were being carried out for "Democracy's" or "freedom's" sake, none of which was true. I'm proud to be an American but many of our political leaders should be ashamed of themselves. Whether it were Nixon and Kissinger or are Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld they should dorepparttar 132574 right thing notrepparttar 132575 avaricious thing. The current situation in Liberia may provide an opportunity to do this. With America and Americans frequent proclamations of "We arerepparttar 132576 greatest country inrepparttar 132577 world."repparttar 132578 "Greatest democracy inrepparttar 132579 history ofrepparttar 132580 world." and "We're Number One.". We should strive to achieve compassion as our nation's chief virtue, only then can we truly say we arerepparttar 132581 greatest and number one.

Brian is a free-lance writer and political activist who currently lives in West Michigan.

How Enemies Can Become Best Friends

Written by Keith Varnum

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Trust Is Contagious

Acting on an intuitive vision, Dean decided to put three ofrepparttar most competitive "natural enemies" inrepparttar 132541 state of Arizona intorepparttar 132542 same fenced outdoor living space. At first, these adolescent wild animals-four mountain lions, four Arizona gray wolves and four Arizona black bears-were scared and hostile towards each other. They attacked each other. They roared ferociously at each other. Each group claimed their own area inside their compound and did not trespass into another group's territory. However, after days of warning attacks, hostile posturing and growling, something remarkable happened. It only takes one to break new ground.

Dangerously alone,repparttar 132543 female wolf pack leader leftrepparttar 132544 safety of her group and sauntered intorepparttar 132545 territory claimed byrepparttar 132546 mountain lions. She lay down and rolled over onto her back in a deliberate, submissive posture in front ofrepparttar 132547 four lions. The gray wolf exposed her throat and stomach to her enemies, totally vulnerable to injury or even death. Cautiously,repparttar 132548 juvenile cats approachedrepparttar 132549 she-wolf. The process of sniffing and careful investigation took quite a while. Eventuallyrepparttar 132550 gigantic felines and lone wolf began playing together. Before long,repparttar 132551 rest ofrepparttar 132552 wolf pack completedrepparttar 132553 newly formed frisky alliance.

After successfully breaking throughrepparttar 132554 boundaries ofrepparttar 132555 mountain lions,repparttar 132556 furry gray peacemaker intruded intorepparttar 132557 territory ofrepparttar 132558 bears. Repeatingrepparttar 132559 same unprecedented behavior,repparttar 132560 female lobo lay down and opened herself torepparttar 132561 four black beasts. Once again, after a lengthy getting acquainted period,repparttar 132562 bears and wolf began to frolic. Soon,repparttar 132563 other wolves joined in.

Play Catches On

Eventually all three "natural enemies" overcame their programmed instincts to remain separate and hostile. The young lions, wolves and bears are an inspiring demonstration of how "natural enemies" can alter their consciousness and change their relationships in order to live and play in harmony.

Drawing from the wisdom of native and ancient spiritual traditions, Keith Varnum shares his 30 years of practical success as an author, personal coach, acupuncturist, filmmaker, radio host, restaurateur, vision quest guide and international seminar leader (The Dream Workshops). Keith helps people get the love, money and health they want with his FREE "Prosperity Ezine" at www.TheDream.com.

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