What Is Advertising?

Written by Bill Hawkins

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Well in cyber space you don't have a salesperson meeting with your customers face to face or do you?

Instead your salesperson is your written word, yes written. You might even call it printed. Hencerepparttar phrase "salesmanship-in-print" and that's what advertising really is.

Accordingly, it isrepparttar 101234 job of every page you have onrepparttar 101235 net to dorepparttar 101236 same job as a salesperson would do. And speak to your customers as if you were sitting acrossrepparttar 101237 table from them.

So now do you seerepparttar 101238 importance if this phrase, Salesmanship-in-Print? And how important writing is onrepparttar 101239 Internet.

That every single word does it's job and becomes your best salesperson. I'll bet you do.

Then how are you going to this? Speak to your customer as you would if you were talking face to face.

You writerepparttar 101240 same way as you would speak, sayingrepparttar 101241 same things you would say to your customer inrepparttar 101242 real world. And how do you know what to say? Become your customer.

Pretend you arerepparttar 101243 one who is viewing your offer or reading your sales message. As if it was you who was thinking about spending your money.

What would you want to know about your product?

Think aboutrepparttar 101244 questions you would like to have answered before you would spend your hard earned money and answer them.

Tellrepparttar 101245 person who is reading your messagerepparttar 101246 answers to her questions. Remember, your customer is feeling justrepparttar 101247 same way you do each and every time before they make a purchase.

So speak when you write, justrepparttar 101248 same way you would if you were talking face to face. And you'll be amazed at what a difference it will make to your sales.

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From an Ad to a Web Site Sale

Written by /"Wild Bill/"

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4. Reaction Theory

My theory is thatrepparttar reader will react one of three ways.

a) They will react positively and most assuredly move intorepparttar 101233 fifth and final stage ofrepparttar 101234 sale.

b) They react negatively and your efforts have failed.

Please note that you may sometimes use what I refer to as "Negative Advertising". This is whererepparttar 101235 ad copy will drawrepparttar 101236 consumer in by creating a negative atmosphere by openly attacking it's competition, another third party or evenrepparttar 101237 reader themselves.

c) They have not yet formed a substantial opinion. These are your most critical prospects. The other readers have already opted to continue or abort based onrepparttar 101238 opinion they have already formed. These people have not yet drawn a strong enough opinion to pull them through this stage.

5) Your potential customer now decides to take that final step of action. It all comes down to this:

a) They buy your product, try your product, or ask for more information. But no matter what, your potential customer is now a legitimate sale or lead.

b) They have followed through and decided against you.

If you have maderepparttar 101239 sale, Congratulations! You must be doing something right!

If you have not, here are things to consider:

When writing your ads, leave a tag onrepparttar 101240 end of your URL such as:

When I check my web site statistics, I can tell just how many clicks I have from this article, by watching forrepparttar 101241 tag (?fawss). Ifrepparttar 101242 ratio is low, I know my ad needs more work. Ifrepparttar 101243 ratio is substantial, then it comes to reason thatrepparttar 101244 problem lies atrepparttar 101245 web site andrepparttar 101246 copy there in.

The "web site" makesrepparttar 101247 tracking of this individual much easier. If you trackrepparttar 101248 movement ofrepparttar 101249 reader fromrepparttar 101250 time that they enter your site fromrepparttar 101251 ad, you can assessrepparttar 101252 strengths and weaknesses web copy. If you find that many have made it to your site, but have not purchased, you are better able to see where you are losing them by tracking their movement. For this reason, you may want to divide your copy into different pages "stringing"repparttar 101253 reader from one (tracked) page torepparttar 101254 next.

Website owners, don't forget about that second impression (Invitation & Follow-Up). If you can obtain their email address voluntarily, you have a much better chance of regaining some of those lost clients, by creating a good follow up system.

Remember: "Not Now" does not necessarily mean "Not Ever".

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