What Is A Server

Written by Richard Amburn

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There different operating systems onrepparttar market. Most likelyrepparttar 149712 software on your server is running Apache on Linux, an open source product. Servers need to be secured and an open source application is more likely to be less buggy and more secure then their larger competitor Microsoft.

These servers use an interface for you to access and configure them, a control panel. Some control panels are more complicated then others. Depending how technical you are, this is a point of concern when picking a server host.

• Protocol. (FTP) To get your page onrepparttar 149713 server you need to FTP (file transfer protocol). FTP is a client (you) server application. If you created your page on your desk top, obviously to share it you would need to get it on your server. It’s also used to transfer files between your own pc to someone else’s computer.

This is a very simplistic overview of what a server host is, but I hope it will give you a basic idea how it works.

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Printer Ink Cartridges - The History

Written by Martin Smith

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Discount ink cartridges are available online. All you have to do is type ink cartridges or printer cartridges into your search engine. Some sites offer amazing discounts. Again you are going to have to search forrepparttar deal that is best for you. Pay attention torepparttar 149628 cartridge top when purchasing them. Checkrepparttar 149629 sides ofrepparttar 149630 box for a list of modelsrepparttar 149631 cartridge will work in.

There is a time line below that has some really interesting facts. This would make a great list of answers for a trivia game. I cannot imaginerepparttar 149632 hard work that createdrepparttar 149633 ink jet printer cartridge, as we know it. It is easy to understand why cartridges are expensive.

1452 - Gutenberg used oil-based ink, moveable type, and an old winepress to makerepparttar 149634 first printing press. Martin Luther beganrepparttar 149635 Protestant reformation making extensive use ofrepparttar 149636 printing press. 1714 - The typewriter was born. Schematics that were done by Mills were discovered however, there is no proof that any typewriters were actually made. 1874 - Christopher Sholes, Samuel Soule, and Carlos Glidden made a keyboard that became known asrepparttar 149637 “qwerty” because ofrepparttar 149638 first five keys onrepparttar 149639 top row ofrepparttar 149640 keyboard. 1894 - Franz Wagner developed a typewriter that is very similar torepparttar 149641 ones made today. He created a design that letrepparttar 149642 typists watch as they were typing. Previously, paper would go through a roller as you typed and you could not see what you typed until you were done. 1897 - Underwood (by John Underwood) wasrepparttar 149643 prototypical typewriter of its day. 1939 - Charles Carlson developed electrography, which isrepparttar 149644 first dry writing technique developed inrepparttar 149645 United States. 1949 - Haloid Company began to commercially developed electrography forrepparttar 149646 first time. 1959 - Xerox 914 hitrepparttar 149647 market and forced other businesses to update their communication systems. 1969 - Xerox first introduced dry printing (laser printing) by Gary Starkweather. 1078 - Xerox put outrepparttar 149648 world's first business laser printerrepparttar 149649 Xerox 9700. It copied documents atrepparttar 149650 speed of 120 ppm (pages per minute) 1979 - The IBM 3800 could print out 20,000 lines per minute. 1980's - The use of toner cartridges became obsolete. 1984 - Hewlett-Packard releasedrepparttar 149651 first home-based desktop laser printer.

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