What Is A BlackBerry

Written by Andrew Constantine

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More Than Just Mobile Email

What is a Blackberry capable of besides email? The Blackberry operates on over 50 networks and in 30 countries. It features optional call waiting, call answer, conference calling, and call forwarding. It also includes handheld organizer features such as a calendar and to do list. Some models even include a long-range walkie talkie.

Each Blackberry has a QWERTY configured keyboard with eight extra function buttons and a thumbwheel for navigation. Users can setrepparttar device to notify them of incoming email with a vibrate mode or an LED indicator. Some models offer polyphonic ring tones. The unit works on a long-lasting removable and rechargeable Lithium battery and has Flash memory. Most models come with accessories such as a holster, travel charger, and handsfree headset.

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Learn How To Hide Files and Folders On Your Computer

Written by Michael D. Fischer

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3. You could create a virtual folder (a fake folder). One example isrepparttar Control Panel. The control panel is not really folder. Not convinced? Try searching for it on your local hard drive. I bet you can't find it. :)

With this in mind, Fischer wanted to create something simple for users.

After determining that most people wanted something easier to use, Fischer went to work overseeingrepparttar 149939 development of software that could securely hide files and folders with a "click of a button".

"It's much easier thanrepparttar 149940 other options I mentioned", Fischer added.

To download a fully functional demo, visit http://www.filehidingsoftware.com

About FileHidingSoftware.com:

FileHidingSoftware.com is a simple file and folder security application that provides an easy to use interface that allows you to chooserepparttar 149941 files by selectingrepparttar 149942 directories in which you choose to block users from viewing. With a password protection feature, you can easily lock and unlockrepparttar 149943 folders of your choice without worrying about anyone seeing your files.

Michael D. Fischer is the owner/operator of FileHidingSoftware.com.

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