What If You Were Under A Spell And Didn't Even Know It?

Written by FIRE FOXX

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The Silly Essay

Written by Darrin F. Coe, MA

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I’ve always wanted to seerepparttar Olympics return to their original format. Athletes participated without clothing. The Olympic sponsors might be Trojan and Viagra. Their slogan could be “Nudity Promotes Unity”. They probably wouldn’t be able to makerepparttar 118160 same change forrepparttar 118161 Winter Olympics. I’m thinking “luge catastrophe”. Finally, givenrepparttar 118162 casualness of sex in today’s society, I’ve often wondered ifrepparttar 118163 surgeon general shouldn’t require a warning label on individual condoms, “Caution contents could be harmful torepparttar 118164 rest of your life”; “do not dispense contents while underrepparttar 118165 influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, immaturity, or stupid”. And finally my favorite, “Contents not appropriate for those without brains.” So what’srepparttar 118166 point of a silly little essay like this? It is to be silly and make an attempt to find some humor in a world that tends to be too intense or serious. The anniversary ofrepparttar 118167 9/11 tragedy is about one week away and we will be reminded of a terrible loss of life and of our own vulnerability. After honoring those who have passed away and saluting our country we’ll need some levity to balance things out. Don’t be afraid to be a little silly, it’s healthy.

weekly columnist, published poet and short story author.

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