What If A Franchise Was Run Like a Typical Home Based Business and Residual Income?

Written by Nick A. James

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This example is easy to see and yet we all wonder why a home business fails when conducted in this same manner. What is great about a home business versus a traditional business is you donít have to start each day at 8:00, you have a lot of flexibility. However, you donít haverepparttar flexibility not to work for days and weeks at a stretch and engage in poor work habits when you decide to work.

Of course not allrepparttar 139210 blame can be put onrepparttar 139211 new home business person, there are some bad programs out there and timing can be bad with others. Of course wrong expectations can mislead many people into discouragement. What do we mean here. Well look at it this way. Very few people would argue that Microsoft would be a poor stock investment today. However, there are people that hype their particular company that has passed it's growth spurt, that you can get rich and retire with their company. This isrepparttar 139212 same as a dishonest stock broker pushing Microsoft fromrepparttar 139213 angle of it getting ready to explode in value as they will have double digit growth each month forrepparttar 139214 next 5 years. Hey inrepparttar 139215 early 80ís Microsoft had this type of growth, just don't expectrepparttar 139216 growth to continue forever.

The point is there are always new Microsoftís inrepparttar 139217 Business and Home Business markets. Itís knowing how to find them that is key. They are out there, home businesses that are rock solid and will experience this type of explosive growth overrepparttar 139218 next 5 years.

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Cabinet Refacing Business Opportunities

Written by Randy Wilson

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If you decide to open your cabinet refacing business on your own, you have many things to consider. You will need to find distributors of you products. You will also need to price storage facilities, equipment, advertising, and any other possible issues that will add to your cost.

If you chose a franchise, research each franchise before you decide to buy. Many offer training, support and help with marketing. They all take care of holdingrepparttar inventory until you have projects, and their distributors are in place. With either option forrepparttar 139209 cabinet refacing business, you need to decide if you and a crew will performrepparttar 139210 work or if you will subcontractrepparttar 139211 work out. If you think you will subcontract, call around and talk to some ofrepparttar 139212 companies. Make sure they follow all state and local regulations, and have insurance. Decide which ones you are going to use, and make sure they are interested in working with you.

Althoughrepparttar 139213 franchise may setrepparttar 139214 prices for your services, you really should call other companies that offerrepparttar 139215 same service. Cabinet refacing business opportunities are all over, and you want to stay competitive. Make surerepparttar 139216 franchise you have purchased is not suggesting charges well-above other businesses. This step is a necessity if you are starting fromrepparttar 139217 ground up. You will need to know how to set prices, depending on your suppliers and competition.

Now youíre ready to get financing for your cabinet refacing business, if you donít haverepparttar 139218 cash on hand forrepparttar 139219 start up. You could try private investors, banks, andrepparttar 139220 Small Business Administration. This may take time and you may be turned down, but donít get discouraged.

Once you have everything, advertise. Get your name out there and start your cabinet refacing business. The potential of making $200,000 a year is out there with only four to five projects a week and that is a perfectly reasonable goal to set. Youíre now ready to make profits because you have gotten your cabinet refacing business early inrepparttar 139221 game.

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