What I would include in a Coaching Book

Written by Stephanie Tuia

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Avoid favorites.

I’ve seen this firsthand; players playing up torepparttar coach for time onrepparttar 137838 court. However, there are some talented and deserving athletes who are always onrepparttar 137839 same page as their coach, and can thus discover an easy friendship between them. Coaches should be able to form a healthy coaching relationship with their players, where friendship is not a factor of playing time and players are rewarded based on their performance.

Executerepparttar 137840 right mix.

A coach must be able to coordinate his/her players’ strengths and weaknesses. A coach might put out a mix of players ontorepparttar 137841 court to see if that mix will generate a winning chemistry. Ifrepparttar 137842 team executes wins,repparttar 137843 coach will know what works well forrepparttar 137844 team. One player’s weakness can be another player’s strength. A coach will identify this and manage who to put ontorepparttar 137845 court atrepparttar 137846 proper time.

Establish a team vision.

A coach should incorporate a team vision to where players know what their expectations are and will be motivated to carry them out. A vision allows players to rally together for a common purpose. This vision should be encouraging, but also challenging enough to whererepparttar 137847 team is always striving for improving results.

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How Leaders Create Trust

Written by Steve Kaye

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Be Honest * Tellrepparttar truth. Lies demeanrepparttar 137591 teller more than they foolrepparttar 137592 listener. * Act with integrity. Make decisions as if you had to deal with all ofrepparttar 137593 consequences, treat others with respect, and choose actions that add value for everyone.

Provide Data * Tell stories that show past achievements. Quote compliments. * Collect data. Keep a victory file of successes, testimonial letters, and other good news. If necessary, ask for testimonials, references, and compliments. * Create data. Plan good deeds that lead to complimentary stories.

Takerepparttar 137594 High Road * Help others perform at their best. Give without expecting a return favor. * Do good things because that makesrepparttar 137595 world a better place. * Show courage during uncertainty. * Seekrepparttar 137596 good in others. * Trust others, because this shows that you expect to be trusted.

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