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Written by A.T.Rendon

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The list of web masters gives you a good start on which to keep building your community.

2. Mailing list.

Join a discussion or mailing list.

These are communities that already exist and discuss topics of interest by e-mail.

The Internet discussion groups may be mailing lists, newsgroups, message boards, chat rooms or IRC type chat channels, to name just a few possibilities.

Seek outrepparttar moderated type lists as they are loaded with target rich people. And you do not place ads in such groups, you participate.

However, a 2 or 3 line signature on posts is allowed. Some groups even allow larger signatures.

Here are some FREE Resources to find and Join Free Discussion or Mailing Lists:

Liszt - The Mailing List Directory: http://www.liszt.com/

Search The List of Lists: http://catalog.com/vivian/interest-group-search.html

CataList,repparttar 131953 catalog of 46,902 public LISTSERV lists! http://www.lsoft.com/lists/listref.html

3. Your Signature.

NEVER underestimaterepparttar 131954 power of your signature.

During a one week period, my signature wasrepparttar 131955 ONLY form of promotion I used and in just five days we got over 1000 visitors to our unadvertised web site.

How To Use Your Signature: http://emailexchange.org/sig.html

4. Ezines/Newsletters.

Whatever your interest, there probably already exists a network of publications that tap into your community.

Tap into these publications, a few at a time, and you will get an instant pulse on happenings online.

Top 100 Online Newsletters: http://emailexchange.org/newsletters.html

5. Start Your Own Mailing List.

Email isrepparttar 131956 foundation of global communication onrepparttar 131957 Internet.

It is essential to begin your own mailing list of people that AGREE to receive your email.

Perhaps once a week, with a word of interest, you send out a mailing with info directly related to your common interest.

It is important to keeprepparttar 131958 lines of communication open with your community of people.

This gives you a basic "Blue Print" to follow to either begin to establish yourself onrepparttar 131959 Internet or expand on whatever you have already accomplished.

Once you know WHY you want to contact people, then you will know WHO it is you need to communicate with and for WHAT reason.

The basic resources outlined above will give you a strong foundation to discover WHERE to reach that special niche or target audience of yours.

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Developing Tutorial Courses for Autoresponder Delivery

Written by Jill Black

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http://getresponse.com (free)


Followrepparttar instructions given when you sign up. Do a trial test to ensure thatrepparttar 131951 delivery options are set correctly.

Next place your course information on your web site with your course description andrepparttar 131952 mailto: link to your autoresponder.

After mastering this type of autoresponder course consider providing workshops via email or...

Self-learning training courses delivered via email.

These courses are structuredrepparttar 131953 same way as offline correspondence courses and tend to do well year in and year out asrepparttar 131954 market forrepparttar 131955 course information always constantly replenishes itself.

Self-learning training courses require structured lesson plans, a course outline and set objectives forrepparttar 131956 knowledgerepparttar 131957 student can expect to gain fromrepparttar 131958 course. Often this type of course includes a self-knowledge quiz atrepparttar 131959 end of each lesson for self-evaluation purposes byrepparttar 131960 student of how well they have understood ofrepparttar 131961 current lessons content.

Popular topics include

Business and money making courses Public Speaking courses Language courses Salesmanship courses Writing courses Interior Decorating courses Inspiration and self-improvement courses Computer Programming Stress Management courses Massage courses Astrology courses

"How to"...Just about anything that can be adapted for delivery via autoresponder that will provide people withrepparttar 131962 information and knowledge they are seeking.

Develop a prospectus for interested students to download (PDF format gives a more professional look) then create a course outline and sign-up enrollment form page at your web site.

Set your autoresponder to automatically deliver lesson installments to each of your paying students at weekly or fortnightly intervals.


Training courses contain no advertising for products or services...they arerepparttar 131963 product. Many "how to" ebooks can be adapted or broken down into course lessons and presented in this way providing another source of income or to be sold offline via direct mail.

Jill Black. For more resources and ideas visit my website http://www.netwrite-publish.com or to subscribe to our newsletter ebiz-publisher-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

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