What Dreams May Come

Written by Judith Pennington

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Your answers will relate torepparttar fulfillment of your gifts and talents–dreams unmet, hopes unrealized, joys denied, possibilities unexplored or perhaps a simple need for relaxation and time spent with loved ones. First we fill our cups with beauty, music and pleasure in ourselves and our abilities, then we share our fullness with others.

Some of us might seek to fulfill our longings through other people, my soul pointed out, but this often leads to heartbreak. Instead of seeking completion outside of self, we are better served by going within torepparttar 138722 Source of all supply, where we travel “constellations of know-ledge and experience lightingrepparttar 138723 cosmos beyond time and space.” Complete in ourselves, we move into oneness withrepparttar 138724 Divine, which cures our fears and failings. We become all that we can and are meant to be.

This is what dreams are made of. Nothing is beyond our grasp, my still, small voice tells me, unless it is detrimental to our soul growth.

It is easy to awaken what is dormant within us. Just lie in bed inrepparttar 138725 morning, listen torepparttar 138726 birds, and ask what your life can be in that moment, that day. Then live your prayer of life and watch what dreams may come.

May we live each moment as if it were our last, knowing there is no last moment in Creation, onlyrepparttar 138727 One moment.

This is what Tracy Chapman tells us in her song, “Heaven’s Here on Earth”:

“If we have faith in humankind, respect for what is earthly and an unfaltering belief in peace and understanding/Then heaven’s here on earth.”

She sings it into being for us, that we might dorepparttar 138728 same for ourselves: “We are born insiderepparttar 138729 gates/Withrepparttar 138730 power to create life and to take it away/The world is our temple,repparttar 138731 world is our church/Heaven’s here on earth.”

Judith Pennington is a writer, singer and coast-to-coast teacher of meditation and the evolution of human consciousness. The author of a groundbreaking book, "The Voice of the Soul," she publishes a free e-newsletter and subscription e-zine through her website, www.eaglelife.com.

The Power of Beliefs

Written by Kathleen Gage

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We discovered her goal was to be able to stand, by herself, in front of forty-five people and tell us about herself. With Bonnie as her interpreter, Chris conveyed this desire to a room full of business professionals.

Torepparttar amazement of everyone inrepparttar 138659 class, onrepparttar 138660 twelfth week, Chris stood in front ofrepparttar 138661 room and shared with us, in her own words, what her life had been like for her. It was one ofrepparttar 138662 most beautiful and enlightening experiences I have ever witnessed. Here was a woman who had, in many ways, been thrown away. And yet, she had a determination, commitment and belief that she could accomplish more in her life and she did. She also hadrepparttar 138663 love and support of forty five friends, who weeks before had been strangers complete strangers.

What we all witnessed through Chris’ courage, is that life is created moment by moment based on our beliefs. Beliefs that can empower beyond our wildest dreams.

Our beliefs are developed on both a conscious and subconscious level. As our beliefs change our experiences change. And as our experiences change, so do our beliefs.

Beliefs are relevant to both our personal and professional direction. What arerepparttar 138664 beliefs that will carry you to places you have yet to explore?

Kathleen Gage is a keynote speaker and business advisor based out of Draper, Utah. She is the author of several books including Message of Hope, Inspiring Thoughts for Uncertain Times. To sign up for Kathleen’s free weekly inspirational thoughts visit http://www.turningpointpresents.com/messageofhope.htm

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