What Does The New Affiliate Need?

Written by Stephen Brennan

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Membership and activity in at least, a couple of larger ones, plus a few ofrepparttar smaller (they can tend to be more responsive 'pro-rata') is a good idea. Safelists also offerrepparttar 148875 opportunity to see how others are writing their email copy and seeing what other opportunities are available can be an educational experience forrepparttar 148876 new operator. Safelists are also very much a good way to simply stay in touch with what is happening inrepparttar 148877 Affiliate/Home Business industry.

Traffic Exchange - Again, there are some who may doubtrepparttar 148878 usefulness ofrepparttar 148879 Traffic Exchanges however, again, I see them as a useful facility, especially forrepparttar 148880 new Affiliate. Admittedly,repparttar 148881 traffic that your website will receive fromrepparttar 148882 exchanges is 'non-targeted' and very unlikely to consist of anyone other than those who are, again, inrepparttar 148883 same position as yourself. However, as inrepparttar 148884 case of Safelists, Traffic Exchanges are useful for building your Affiliate downlines and also forrepparttar 148885 very same opportunities and experience thatrepparttar 148886 Safelists present.

Imaging Editor - In my opinion, a good image editor is essential for anyone involved in building and maintaining their own website/s (for a new Affiliate to pay for this service would be financially crippling). The good news is that there are a number of imaging programs, which will perform allrepparttar 148887 modification and adjustments that most webmasters would need andrepparttar 148888 one I suggest asrepparttar 148889 best is freeware. It is called 'Irfanview®' and can be downloaded free at their website Irfanview.com.

Website Editing Program - As I just mentioned, having to pay someone to build and maintain a website (let alone more than one) would be financially crippling. Most of us have managed, over time, to gain a reasonable working ability with programs such as FrontPage® and DreamWeaver® and from there, at least a working knowledge ofrepparttar 148890 common codes.

It can be daunting for someone who has had no experience with these programs or 'html' coding but this is whererepparttar 148891 'perseverance' I spoke of earlier becomes useful. Besides, there are relatively cheap tutorials available and a ton of free advice inrepparttar 148892 'Webmaster Forums' etc.

Of course, these few 'tidbits' are simply what a new Affiliate will need, in my opinion, just to achieve an online presence. There is far more to getting torepparttar 148893 point where you will be attracting 'targeted' visitors to your website or actually referring paying clients to your merchants. In fact, there would probably be another dozen or so articles (or a good tutorial ebook) in just that alone. Did I mention that patience was another necessary requirement?

Stephen Brennan is the author of the popular ebook title ‘The Affiliate Guide Book’ – The Definitive guide to Affiliate SUCCESS. He also runs The Home Based Business and Affiliate Center and HomeBasedBiz Safelist.

WAHM - What It Takes

Written by Cori Sachais Swidorsky

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•Learn to Juggle – No not knives or balls. Remember I’m a stay at home mom. My day consists of meal making, assisting inrepparttar bathroom, being referee, doing laundry, keepingrepparttar 148830 kids entertained, and remembering that I need to eat. There’s more to that list but you getrepparttar 148831 idea. Now combine that with trying to start a business. See what I mean, you need to juggle your mom duties with your work duties. You will be amazed at what a good juggler you can be when you are determined to succeed. •Support from one very important person – YOU. Sure it would be nice if others were supporting you, it definitely helps when family and friends are behind what you are doing. The most important person you need support from is yourself. You arerepparttar 148832 one taking onrepparttar 148833 challenge, you arerepparttar 148834 one findingrepparttar 148835 time, you arerepparttar 148836 one learning to juggle life, you arerepparttar 148837 one withrepparttar 148838 goals, determination and reasons for wanting to have a home based business. You need to believe in yourself, keep yourself positive and motivated, and support yourself to succeed. If you have yourself to believe in, then nothing can stop you. I hope to continue on writing articles about home based businesses and how successful they really are, because that’s what I plan on doing, succeeding. How nice it will be to help others be successful working from home, so be sure to watch for more articles by me.

Cori Sachais Swidorsky Cori_informingwomen@msn.com http://www.informingwomen.com

I Reside in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Stay at home mom,work at home mom, author and editor of Informing Women Newsletter and owner of http://www.informingwomen.com Author of Advice from an Ordinary Woman column for the Crescent Hills NewsLetter. Have articles published at todayshint.com , cleaningfacts.com and other various websites.

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