What Do Your Customers Really Want? Ask Your Competition

Written by Karon Thackston

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This customer needed:

1. someone to express his vision in words 2. someone who understood what he had to say

Here’s one more:

"You hadrepparttar product I wanted, it was in stock, atrepparttar 127185 lowest price I could find. There was no shipping charge or sales tax. Your website was easy to use; you followed up immediately by Email; I was able to trackrepparttar 127186 shipment; andrepparttar 127187 product arrived on time and in good condition. What is there not to like?"

This customer of an appliance-sales Web site was obviously impressed with:

1. item being in stock 2. low price 3. no shipping charges 4. customer service 5. timely arrival

Doing a good bit of research intorepparttar 127188 testimonials customers give to your competition can shed a bright light on what they’re looking for. I’d recommend visiting several sites each week and creating a chart to track what you find.

Just as I did above, jot down specifically what impressedrepparttar 127189 customer in each case. Then look for trends. The more times a particular service is mentioned,repparttar 127190 more importance it will hold.

Now, look back over your own business. Can you offer what your competition offers? Can you offer something better? Is there a way to improve your service inrepparttar 127191 areas that those who wroterepparttar 127192 testimonials mentioned? If so, do it!

Staying in touch with your customers’ needs should be top priority. When you takerepparttar 127193 time to understand what your customers really want, you stand a better chance of improving sales and increasing customer loyalty.

Professional copywriter, Karon Thackston, has over 20 years experience in writing for practically every medium. Visit her site at http://www.marketingwords.com for more information. Karon is also the author of The Step-by-Step Copywriting Course and How To Increase Keyword Saturation (Without Destroying the Flow of Your Copy) http://www.copywritingcourse.com.

The Art of Selling on The Web

Written by Michael Bosse

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Placing links on your page is one way to get some buys, but not as effective as a personal recommendation from you. Remember, your reader now trusts you to some degree since you didn't sell to them immediately, but instead gave them something of value, i.e.repparttar content of your site. Not only does this create trust in your reader, it also makes you out to be an expert inrepparttar 127184 field! And so your recommendation carries that much more weight, and is not viewed as a sales tactic. This is why this equation works so well!


The last thing you need to do is send you reader torepparttar 127185 page with your product. This page should carry your product andrepparttar 127186 list of amazing benefits that are in store for your customer. Your Ad Copy has to "sing" to your prospect in "soothing tones", letting them know that everything will be ok once they buy this "answer to all your prayers" product or service. Build a picture in their mind of exactly how they will benefit from your product or service and offer as much proof as possible. Testimonials arerepparttar 127187 most powerful form of proof.


Now sit back and watch your conversion rates SKY ROCKET! This is a surefire way to bring your customer from prospect to buyer in no time flat.

Keep Striving, Michael Bosse http://www.sitesell.com/helpmy.html

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Michael Bosse is an avid student of Home Business Marketing Tactics & Human Psychological Response. Much of his time is devoted to understanding and isolating the process of selling and market response. He has recently begun turning his findings over to the marketing community in the form of articles, in hopes that all his fellow marketing brothers might benefit and help to revolutionize the face of the net.

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