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Written by Paul Stanyon

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Our site is very easy to navigate and there are no hidden charges. Unlike most advertising sites on www.wanted-online.com you knowrepparttar exact advertising cost before you commit.

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Hello My name is Paul, I am married with 4 children aged 13,11,7 and 18 months. My wife has been in sales and marketing for most of her working life and after a severely disabled uncle of hers could not find a manual for his disabled car she felt there was a niche in the market for a website that helps people find what they want.

How to tap into the Google AdWords PPC Goldmine ?

Written by Shrinivas Vaidya

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[x]Real time tracking of clicks, impressions, cost ..(3 hours delay)

[x]The ability to turn on/offrepparttar participation inrepparttar 145262 Google AdSense program. Since AdSense ads are nothing but ads by those who are running AdWords ads. [x]Ability to select daily budget to avoid overspending.

[x]A robust keyword analysis system.

[x]Since there is a limit forrepparttar 145263 number of characters inrepparttar 145264 ads, it is much more exciting to put all your copywriting skills to test.

[x]Ability to create a hierarchy for ad campaigns, such as various "ad groups" inside a single ad campaign.

The main reason why AdWords campaigns give best results is because ofrepparttar 145265 speed and highly targeted audience. Inrepparttar 145266 field of marketing it is extremely important to testrepparttar 145267 results as early as possible.

Butrepparttar 145268 real question is how to getrepparttar 145269 most out of these wonderful features? Because ofrepparttar 145270 speed with which AdWords gives results, it is a best tool to collect opt-in subscribers, in short "building your list". Instead of selling directly torepparttar 145271 audience it is wise to educate them more for pre-sellingrepparttar 145272 product and then follow up by building a relationship first.

Now everyone is talking about "building your own list" and it's true. But here I have a slightly different logic for sendingrepparttar 145273 AdWords traffic to an opt-in page.

Let's consider two situations.

Case 1>Tomorrow morning I come to your home and give away a pair of Nike shoes to you as a free gift.

Case 2>You go to a city mall and "buy" those same shoes by paying a price.

Now out ofrepparttar 145274 two situations it is more likely that you will take good care ofrepparttar 145275 shoes that you have purchased by paying money. Same is true with subscribers, when you pay to collect email addresses and names it is more likely that you will concentrate more toward building a rhythm with you prospects in order to getrepparttar 145276 ROI.

It's like trapping yourself into a mousetrap. Since you have invested some money, you must work at it and isrepparttar 145277 best way to taprepparttar 145278 "goldmine" onrepparttar 145279 Internet.

That's it for now. Hope this information helps you and motivate you to give it a try.

Copyright 2005 Shrinivas Vaidya

AdWords isrepparttar 145280 registered trademark of Google Inc.

f you are dead serious about running Google AdWords campaigns, then "The Definitive Guide To Google AdWords" by Perry Marshall is an excellent resource to start with. This is more than an eBook, which deals with getting results fast and without spending a fortune on AdWords advertising. Click below for more information.


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