What Do You Mean - "WORK"?

Written by Gail Hornback

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a. Go get subscribers for your newsletter! Once you reach 1000, you can start pursuing selling ads. The two best resources I've found for increasing subscribers, are:

http://www.topezineads.com/cgi- bin/affiliate/b.cgi/862 This one has an ENORMOUS database of ezines. You can search them for what they offer: free ads, ad swaps, accept articles, etc. Submit your ezine and offer a free classified ad to new subscribers. http://hop.clickbank.net/hop.cgi? webworks/paaads Sign your ezine up here to receive classified ads from people who have agreed to subscribe to your ezine.

b. Advertise your affiliate programs. Until you have YOUR OWN product to sell, you can be an "affiliate" of other folks' products and earn commissions on sales. This means putting a lot of work into promotion. Run lots of classified ads. There are lots of both free and paid classifieds available. I finally purchased a program that submits 15 ads at a time to 1000's of classified sites. PLUS, I advertise DAILY at Yahoo. At Yahoo, you are allowed 10 ads per account. And ads a t Yahoo last for 30 days. BUT most will only be seen for 24 hours, since other ads coming in push them downrepparttar list so far that they are not read. SO - I have 4 Yahoo accounts. 10 ads per account. I submit 2 accounts a day, on alternating days, so I always have 20 ads current. It's called: WORK! . http://www.yahoo.com http://www.becanada.com/$/?ghorn5@juno.com (Classified Submitter) Of course, this is not an exhaustive account of allrepparttar 117979 work you will run into. But, have you heard enough? Does this sound like a business you want to dive into? No, it's not for everyone. But it is something that anyone can do, if they are willing to apply themselves. It is not a quick-cash deal. But with a no-quit attitude, it WILL start happening. You will grow in your knowledge and skills. Your reputation will grow, repparttar 117980 hits to your site will grow, and you WILL see results!

For me, it'srepparttar 117981 perfect opportunity to stay at home and be available to my kids, yet to continue to grow and learn - AND EARN! And you can, also! But you'll have to decide right away which side ofrepparttar 117982 story you're going to believe! And when you do finally realize thatrepparttar 117983 "Get Rich Quick Gurus" are probably all talk, then there's really only one decision that you need to make ---- to put your head down and WORK - until you see results!!! Believe me,repparttar 117984 reward is more than financial!!!!!

Gail Hornback is a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom of 5 kids. She is the author of WebWorksAtHome.com, and publisher of WebWorksAtHome Weekly update. You can contact her at webmaster@webworksathome.com. You can subscribe to her ezine at http://listbot.com/subscribe/webworksathome.

How to Generate Multiple Streams of Revenue from Your Online Business

Written by Marc Goldman

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definitely benefit from them. Do not think solely of your bank account. This way your personal recommendations will carry a lot more weight withrepparttar people who trust your opinion. This is how people really make money with joint ventures. b. If you wish to create a joint venture with someone who does not offer an affiliate program but offers a high quality product or service, you should not hesitate to approach them and offer to market their products/services to your audience in exchange for a share ofrepparttar 117978 profits. Keep in mind that not everyone will respond to your offer andrepparttar 117979 ones who do may not fully understandrepparttar 117980 concept or repparttar 117981 potential power of joint ventures. Patience and some time spent educating your prospective partners will go a long way here. Make them aware that joint ventures are win/win situations. Many of your joint venture partners may also be looking for additional revenue streams. If you own your own products/services you can offer potential joint venture partnersrepparttar 117982 ability to recommend them to their audience for a split ofrepparttar 117983 profits. We have used this joint venture technique to promote our http://www.goldbar.net/yoap/d.cgi?index-1003 Ultimate Marketers Resource to a much wider audience than we would have reached on our own. 3. Consider purchasing reseller or reprint rights for software or information that your target audience would be interested in. For example, if you have a website or newsletter that focuses on stock market information you can look for software that helps your audience track their portfolio and analyze stock trends. Try to make a deal with repparttar 117984 software developer to resell his software to your audience. Many ofrepparttar 117985 developers onrepparttar 117986 web offer various reseller programs and opportunities where you can purchase several copies of their program at wholesale and then resell them at whatever price you choose. Reprint rights involves purchasingrepparttar 117987 rights or ability to sell someone elses information (ebooks, books, manuals, website content, etc.) for full profit. However, at no time do you take credit for creatingrepparttar 117988 material. As long as you payrepparttar 117989 one time fee you can then sell that information for whatever price you choose to your audience. This is one vehicle that many folks inrepparttar 117990 Direct Marketing business use on a regular basis to generate a very profitable revenue stream. 4. Consider other non-traditional methods for earning revenue from your online business. For example, if you spend quite a bit of time online running your business you could join a program that pays you to be online. For example, Alladvantage http://www.alladvantage.com/go.asp?refid=LCK128 offers a free to join service that pays you to place a small toolbar on your website and receive banner ads while you are connected torepparttar 117991 internet. This will not make you a millionaire but it will provide you with a real and consistent flow of money that can be considered an additional revenue stream. When you open your eyes torepparttar 117992 potential income opportunities that exist online and you set up several streams of revenue then you can begin to expect a constant and predictable flow of income from your online business.

Marc Goldman, Goldbar Enterprises Discover the exclusive members only website that will easily explode your traffic and increase your sales by thousands of dollars!! http://www.goldbar.net/yoap/d.cgi?index-27

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