What Do You Get From Telling People They're Wrong?

Written by William Montgomery

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sure I'm right, but who knows, I've been wrong before. I could be again". I am stressing two important facts in this statement. One, being that I am almost 100% certain that I am right, and two, that there is a slight possibility that I am wrong. This means that I am leaving room for doubt, but stressingrepparttar fact that I am sure. You will always come out on top by admitting that their is room for error. This will inspire your opponent to be as open-minded as you seem to be. It will make him/her think twice about admitting that they may be wrong in part or whole.

Nothing good can come of telling a person straight out, that he or she is wrong. You will only succeed in stripping that person of self-dignity and making yourself an unwelcome part of any discussion.

Final thought:

Don't argue with your clients. Don't argue with your Husband or Wife. Don't argue with an Adversary! Please don't get them all riled up by telling them they're "wrong"! Use patience, tact, and a little diplomacy!

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Parents Learn

Written by Travis Harouff

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and still receiverepparttar child’s respect. One draw back is that parents are usually working allrepparttar 101818 time. Especially if you are going to be a new parent. This does not leave a lot of free time for these people to go to class. So to make these classes most convenient they could be held three times a day. Inrepparttar 101819 morning, afternoon and evening to work around everyone’s work schedule. This would give everyonerepparttar 101820 chance to go whether you were a nine to five business man or a late night factory worker. This is a problem but it can also be easily addressed A lot of parents will not want to take these classes. Some people feel like they retainrepparttar 101821 skills needed to be a parent. Other parents my not even care enough about there children to go. A good way to promote attendance could be a tax cut. If someone goes to these classesrepparttar 101822 government could give a kick back on their taxes. Ifrepparttar 101823 classes became mandatory then an intricate penalty system could be devised. It would be almost like school. They could take attendance in class. Give each person an allotted amount of sick days. Ifrepparttar 101824 parents exceedrepparttar 101825 sick day limit and do not have a legitimist reason for not being there then they should be fined. The cost for this would be high. For this to be affective there would have to be a parenting school in every city and town. Not only would you have a lot of schools but you would have to train an army of teachers. The cost of teacher training would be enormous alone. This could be argued that it is an unneeded waste of tax payer money. But children are what keeprepparttar 101826 world turning. They grow up to runrepparttar 101827 world. We need to invest as much time in our future as possible. Besides look at allrepparttar 101828 money this government spends. In 1991repparttar 101829 government spent twenty three billion dollars on foreign aid and three hundred and four billion on National Defense. This money could be reinvested in America’s children to promote a better life in our society for them These classes may seem silly at first forrepparttar 101830 fact thatrepparttar 101831 earth has been around for thousands of years and parenting seems to have come naturally. But kids face new challenges in today’s society. Children are one ofrepparttar 101832 most important things in this world. Anything that can be done to better there lives should be done. Even if it means a parent giving up a little time to help there kids.


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