What Do I Need A Media Kit For?

Written by Ana Ventura

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If you're not sure how to write a press release, check out http://www.InternetWriters.com for their free press release builder. There are also examples of what a press release should look like. If you're still wary ofrepparttar world of press releases, find a service to write one for you professionally.

Individual biographies should be focused on those people that would most likely be interviewed byrepparttar 101202 media as a resource for articles. Include their full name, job title, responsibilities, and some personal information, such as their educational background, about their families, and certain accomplishments.

Large, black and white photos of these individuals should be included, along with photos of products, facilities, or anything else that might be of interest torepparttar 101203 media. Typed captions should be affixed torepparttar 101204 back with a non damaging adhesive.

Including archive articles in your media kit shows thatrepparttar 101205 press has found you newsworthy before, and also gives them a good example of how they could base their own article. Any other literature you include should be very important, and not too intimidating. Many editors avoid media kits that are too full of information, or too heavy.

Public relations can sometimes depend on how well your media kit is put together. If you send off your initial press release and an editor requests additonal information, you should get your media kit to them immediately, in order to help them meet their deadlines. Also, ifrepparttar 101206 information they need is not in your media kit, they might decide to passrepparttar 101207 story up all together. Having a media kit is probably not going to berepparttar 101208 life or death or your business, but it will save a lot of time when you're dealing with media people.

Ana Ventura specializes in helping businesses, organizations, and individuals get media coverage. She is a PR expert at DrNunley's http://FullServicePR.com , a site specializing in affordable publicity services. Reach Ana at mailto:ana@fullservicepr.com or 801-328-9006.

It's almost too good to be true

Written by Dennis Williams II

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Aim to bring inrepparttar subscribers who *do* see your ad.

2. What an ad copy should be:

Impossible! Your ad didnt bring in any sales, and it went out to all those people too. You were probably talking out of your you-know-what that's why!

It has to be understood that these subscribers are receiving solo advertisements day after day. Or with some lists, hour after hour. Do you honestly think they sit down and read through every ad copy?

I dont, I delete most of them.

Summing it up. Be quick, be torepparttar 101201 point, *do not* write more than 2 - 3 paragraphs of text. Almost no one will read through that.Who know's, your ad may have sold otherwise. That's if you didnt expect your viewer's to read that long essay of an ad.

A subtle hint for success: make your subject line relevant torepparttar 101202 offer! Subject line's are so important if you takerepparttar 101203 lame way out and use things like...

Re: hello 7,897,428,322 FREE ads forever!!! Dont delete, you'll regret it for LIFE. ok

...your bound to be put where allrepparttar 101204 cheesy spam-like offer's go. In my 'Deleted Items' box.

As both an ad publisher, and a long time advertiser, i strongly reccommend that you write a subject line that sums up exactly what you have to offer. You are now relaying this message to every subscriber. They *all* know what you can give them, and make a conscience decision to take you up on it or not.

Everyone see's a subject line. Not everyone will seerepparttar 101205 ad.

If you use an irrelevant, "catchy" subject line. Your fair game for allrepparttar 101206 people like me who will just deleterepparttar 101207 ad.Without ever knowing what you actually offered.

This becamerepparttar 101208 difference between $0 profit, and $1500 profit for me.

And guess which one worked.

Dennis Williams II is the editor for the interactive publication: "The People" E-Zine-Forum located at iInnov.com. You too can interact with the people by: Visiting his website at http://www.iinnov.com Or you can send your ad to over 100,000 people at: http://www.iinnov.com/foreverads.htm

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