What Do Gladiators and the Weekend Warrior Have In Common?

Written by Louise Roach

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Rest: Stoprepparttar activity causing pain and allowrepparttar 146073 injured area to rest for 2 to 3 days.

Ice: To decrease swelling and numb pain, apply ice inrepparttar 146074 form of ice packs or ice massage as soon as possible. Treat for a period of 48 to 72 hours after an injury happens. Ice applications should last for 10 to 30 minutes untilrepparttar 146075 point of numbness. Longer icing periods should be avoided as this could result in tissue damage. Allowrepparttar 146076 skin to return to normal temperature before reapplying an ice pack.

Compression: To decrease swelling and bruising, compression should be applied immediately using a compression or elastic wrap, or athletic tape. Do not apply compression torepparttar 146077 point of cutting off circulation (a feeling of numbness or tingling). Compression can also be used atrepparttar 146078 same time an ice pack is being applied.

Elevation: Raiserepparttar 146079 injured area to above heart level to minimize internal bleeding and swelling.

Unlike yesterday’s gladiators, today’s weekend warriors who surviverepparttar 146080 trials of running too hard, pitching a no-hitter or shooting too many hoops, are better prepared. With a reusable ice pack in hand and knowledge of R.I.C.E., every warrior can triumph over pain.

Disclaimer: This information is not intended as a substitute for professional medical treatment or consultation. Always consult with your physician inrepparttar 146081 event of a serious injury.

About the Author: Louise Roach is a health and fitness editor, marketing specialist, and product development consultant. She helps others find pain relief through the use of SnowPack reusable, chemical-free ice packs, the SnowPack SportCover and SnowPack Body-n-Ice Kits. Learn more about the benefits of ice therapy at http://www.snowpackusa.com/ Sign up for free health and fitness newsletter at: http://home.netcom.com/~newsflash/

Choosing The Right Martial Art

Written by Peter Vermeeren

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When you have answered this question you should take a look at those martial art systems that will enable you to reach your goal. Most schools and systems provide lot’s of information onrepparttar possibilities they have for students.

One important point here is that you should be very selective and ask around when choosing a martial arts system or school. There are many strange systems out there that only want to get your money instead of teaching you.

The best way to know what school is right for you is to take a look atrepparttar 145906 human and martial arts quality ofrepparttar 145907 high level students. Ask yourself: Do I want to be ofrepparttar 145908 same level as they are?

This will allow you to narrowrepparttar 145909 possibilities to only a few different systems

Q3. How much do you want to invest in your training?

I do not mean only spending money in tuition fees but also in time. Do you haverepparttar 145910 time to travel torepparttar 145911 dojo and spendrepparttar 145912 hours needed to train? Are you willing to buyrepparttar 145913 equipment needed? How much do you want to spend on travelling to seminars or tournaments?

This question is as important asrepparttar 145914 previous ones; some martial arts equipment is very expensive likerepparttar 145915 kendo or kyudo equipment, other martial arts are a lot cheaper. How much do you want to spend on equipment.

Next, check out how many schools there are close to you where they teachrepparttar 145916 martial art you selected. VISIT THEM ALL!!!! Talk withrepparttar 145917 instructor, ask him if you can witness a session, look atrepparttar 145918 behaviour ofrepparttar 145919 other students, ask if you can participate in a free session to give it a try and make inquiries aboutrepparttar 145920 tuition and insurance fees.

After visiting ALL of them sit down and write down on a piece of paperrepparttar 145921 pro’s and contra’s of each of them. Take a look atrepparttar 145922 list and compare. Listen to your inner voice and after waiting for at least 1 week decide which school you will become a member of.

By answering these 3 questions and following this guideline you can easily findrepparttar 145923 right martial art for you.

Peter Vermeeren is a martial arts practitioner and teacher for over 30 years and runs the martial arts and fitness information portal called Kamikaze : http://www.kamikaze-portal.com , home of the magazine called RENSHU. Peter teaches traditional martial arts all over Europe. Here is his personal site : http://www.takaharudojo.org

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