What Can AutoResponders Do That Will Save Me Hundreds Of Hours?

Written by James Mann

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Think globally because we are not dealing withrepparttar folks in our town any more. We are dealing with time zones all around our little planet.

I live onrepparttar 138811 east coast of Canada. I could be going to bed as you are getting up. Byrepparttar 138812 time you have had your first couple of coffees I will be fast asleep. Dreaming about fishing.

You come across one of my websites on your journey online and email me asking for more information.

Would you rather get an immediate or automated response that gave yourepparttar 138813 exact answers you are looking for or would you prefer to getrepparttar 138814 personal touch even though it means you might have to wait a day or two before you getrepparttar 138815 answer?

Well personally I want an immediate response. If I need something more that what I would receive automatically then I would seek out another email address or means of communicating with you.

Most people forget they even asked for info if they have to wait. Byrepparttar 138816 time they get a response they have already gone elsewhere and perhaps even made a purchase there. ---------------------------------------------- James Mann iNET Strategies Inc. http://www.theautoresponderreview.com/ Learnrepparttar 138817 power of automating your response to requests by using autoresponders.

James Mann has been a computer & software consultant since 1987. He has also been a certified computer instructor for the past 17 years.

James is the webmaster for many clients and of course for his own websites.

Email Newsletters: The Header

Written by Robert F. Abbott

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The simplest approach, and an effective one, is to putrepparttar name of your newsletter inrepparttar 138742 subject line. That works well if readers findrepparttar 138743 content consistently helpful or interesting. But donít depend on justrepparttar 138744 name - here are some ideas for other hooks that may increase readership.

Make it descriptive, since many email users quickly scanrepparttar 138745 subject lines and quickly hitrepparttar 138746 Delete button if it doesnít immediately grab their attention. If that descriptive text hints at a solution to a problem shared by your readers, then youíve got a winner.

Hereís another subject line tip that may help you increase readership. Several email gurus recommend puttingrepparttar 138747 date ofrepparttar 138748 issue inrepparttar 138749 subject line, and Iíve tried that myself. Inrepparttar 138750 limited testing Iíve done, it seemed to increaserepparttar 138751 number of clicks onrepparttar 138752 embedded ads.

This is how a recent subject line for Abbottís Communication Letter looked to my subscribers:

ďApril 27-05 Communication Letter - Communication & Company SizeĒ

Explanations: April 27th is, of course,repparttar 138753 date. Communication Letter is an abbreviation ofrepparttar 138754 name of my newsletter; and Communication & Company Size isrepparttar 138755 title ofrepparttar 138756 article that week.

Altogether,repparttar 138757 whole subject line seems a bit long, but it does cover several bases, so itís what Iíll use until Iíve had time to do extensive testing.

In summary: Donít look atrepparttar 138758 header of your email message as something to be finished and forgotten quickly. It can make or break your newsletter.

Robert F. Abbott, the author of A Managerís Guide to Newsletters: Communicating for Results, writes and publishes Abbottís Communication Letter. Read more articles about Internet communication, as well as email and printed newsletters at: http://www.communication-newsletter.com/ic.html

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