What Baby Chicks Can Teach You About Handling Your Prospects.

Written by Ray L. Edwards

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Anyway, after recovering from this `e-blow' I replied torepparttar email suggesting thatrepparttar 117321 sender did NOT makerepparttar 117322 purchase. In fact I insisted that he saved his money so he'll not be ripped off. I was not fully prepared forrepparttar 117323 reaction. He wrote back this time giving his name and said that he was only `joking'. Needless to say he boughtrepparttar 117324 ebook.

Some Copywriters refer to this technique as "Intimidation". If you act as though you do not really care aboutrepparttar 117325 sale you're more likely to makerepparttar 117326 sale! This is because you immediately placerepparttar 117327 prospect onrepparttar 117328 defensive.

So what do baby chickens have to do with all this? You see I've learned from handling baby chickens that if you squeeze too tightly you can suffocaterepparttar 117329 little feather bundles. Yet atrepparttar 117330 same time, if you open your hands fully they will jump out. You have to masterrepparttar 117331 art of `not too tight but not too loose either'.

If you paraderepparttar 117332 fact that you don't need your prospects you're holding them too loosely. But if you chase them down and keep pounding at them with emails or phone calls then you can suffocaterepparttar 117333 purchasing life out of them. A balance must be struck and only experience will teach you that balance.

At first I was too aggressive and they ran away. Then I simply ignored these prospects as just plain losers. Finally I foundrepparttar 117334 middle ground and it simply said; "I want you but I don't need you."

When you think about it, gaining a new customer isn't too different from winningrepparttar 117335 heart of your one true love. If you're too aggressive and send very expensive gifts for every occasion your lovebird will likely be scared away. Just skip some phone calls from your usual schedule and you'll have her wondering (that's another word for `thinking') about you.

And trust me, it works just as well with your prospects as it does with your potential life partner. I know I've been happily married now for 8 years and counting!

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Tips and Bits!

Written by Jordan Francis

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Here's some advice: Take a break for a couple of days, get it out of your mind. Spend some days NOT thinking about it. See how you feel after a break.

==> Relax. Seriously, make an effort everyday to just relax. Spend just 5 minutes everyday relaxing (either standing, sitting, on your head...) and think of nothing! It's simple, but not easy...

==> Simple and not easy.... That's making money online!

It's simple... just follow my instructions they say... how can you fail? It works for me, it will work for you... Heard that before right?

Yeah sure...

Simple that. But is it easy? Don't ever think that because something is simple it will therefore be easy.

"...Find a product everybody REALLY wants... and give it to them!"

Simple instructions. Is it easy? (If you think so.. you will make a lot of cash)

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that anyone who tells you that you can just copy their proven method and succeed is lying, or wrong, that's not alwaysrepparttar case. I just want you to know that you might well have to work for your results.... ;-)

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Well I hope there was something of use to you there...

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