What Aunt Marge Can Teach You About Ezines

Written by Jessica Albon

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And yet, most newsletter publishers write a more generic, "If you know someone who might be interested in this newsletter, please forward it to them."

I don't know about you, but, as a reader, I don't have time to think about who I know who might be interested.

But, tell me to forwardrepparttar newsletter to someone who's struggling to find their perfect new house, or to someone who's just bought a new puppy, and I can think of two or three people to sharerepparttar 124204 newsletter with.

...................................... Aunt Marge, More than Just an Email Threat ...................................... Lesson one, make your newsletter fresh. Don't rehash information that's been going aroundrepparttar 124205 Internet forrepparttar 124206 last six years.

Lesson two, tell readers precisely who to sharerepparttar 124207 newsletter with.

Turn your readers into a powerful sales force for your newsletter and your list'll grow. Just, please, don't let Aunt Marge subscribe! One copy of your newsletter's enough for any reader.

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10 Great Ezine Content Tips To Increase Your Sales And Readership

Written by Ken Hill

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You could add these in a recommended resources section. You could also provide a list of your favorite resources such as your top 5 books/ebooks on ezine publishing, marketing or web design with a brief description of each of your resources.

7. Publish an editor's note atrepparttar beginning of each issue.

Use your editor's note to increase your profit by announcing any new sales or discounts you have on your products or services.

Also use your editor's note to increase your credibility by providing tips onrepparttar 124203 topic your ezine covers and by telling your subscribers how you've helped your clients or customers.

8. Provide endorsements within your ezine for your products from respected experts in your field or list testimonials from your satisfied customers.

9. Add an "Ask The Editor" section.

Write out thorough, detailed answers to your subscribers' questions within this section.

This will increase your status as an expert in your field, which will lead to more sales of your products.

You can also use questions you get from your subscribers to get ideas for articles that your subscribers will enjoy and that will keep them reading your ezine.

10. Atrepparttar 124204 end of each issue, tell your readers what your next issue is going to be about such asrepparttar 124205 title and description of your feature article or anything new that you have planned.

This will help you to increase your readership by getting your subscribers to look forward to your next issue.

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